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Consultations $300   Personal Outside Lab $1,000  Personal 2 Demos $3,000   Lab Demo Overunity $20,000  

Consultations $60/hr    Payments    GIFTS  -  $1,000 GIFT   $100 GIFT    $20 GIFT   Gifts

Internet Interviews - Spokesman Timothy Thrapp EE, - Buster Anderson has exchange for equal value of plans if not satisfied. No Return due to a number of people abusing the refunds. The shopping cart adds on a flat fee of $5 for shipping. has No Return On Ron Brandt's Plans. Please study carefully before purchasing & checking out on anything else. If the shopping cart doesn't work in internet explorer, try firefox or chrome (best generally for this site). A $5 fee is added on to the price for flat shipping.

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Ron Brandt Perm Mag Motor Machine Drawings & Electrical Circuit Controller Schematic 1 version of 4 - Up To 500 hp (350 kw or 170 homes) on Prony Brake & Up to COP=932  Size 2 ft x 2 ft x 2 ft

60/120 hp Plans $1,000 US  or  FREE!  250/500 hp Plans $1,500  or  FREE!     BOTH Plans for $2,000  or  FREE!          2 Hour Consultation Chief EE next to Ron Brandt $1,000 US

1Briefing Summary   Ron Brandt Bio & Perm Mag Motor History,  Photos Visit Ron BrandtVideo 10 hp Single Phase Demonstration & Youtube Links  Test results 10hp single phase 204%,   Yahoo Groups Membership,   cosmic common law copywrite & patent protectionCooperative networks  

Action Plan,     Email & Post Ads    Worth Over 1B or 300B?   Contacting Smaller Companies like Machine Shops, Electrical Motor Rewind, Electrical Controller, Wind, Solar Companies, etc,  FREE RON BRANDT MOTOR FRANCHISE!!!     

Devices For Purchase

Best Battery Charger World’s Most Efficient Battery Charger & Rejuvenator $3,500 US,    $5,000 non US. 2 Years Covenant Partner First

Best Solar Lighting COP=5x-3 lights $1,000 US - $2,000 non US,    6 lights $3,000 - $5,000 non US,    18 lights whole house $10,000 US.

Mileage Booster Kit 5-100% increase $1,000 US,   200-300% increase $3,000 US,   $5,000 US (2 hrs consultation),   Ultra Mileage Booster Kit (up to 200mpg),

Up To 200 MPG Plans Up to 200 MPG 7 Reports/Plans $300

Plans Classes Notes

Windmill The Worlds Most Amazing Windmill! $700 US

Water Sphere Heater COP=60x  $1007 US

Flux Switch Transformer COP=3.25-60x plans $300 US,   update $300 US,   consultation 1 hr $300 US,   combo package $900 US.

Hemisphere Generator Solid State COP=3.25-60x plans $300 US,   update $300 USconsultation 1 hr 300 US,  combo package $900 US.

3,000 Watt Generator Self running $1007 US

40,000 Watt Generator Self running $1004 US

Water “Cracking” Fuel For vehicles $10,000 US,   For homes $10,000 US

Ambient Heat for Engines For vehicles $10,000 US,   For homes $10,000 US

Devices Custom Built Home to large scale projects,   Consultation first step

Large Scale Projects Water from air 100x better,   Desalination 10x better,   Food growth 2x protein in 1/10 time,   Space craft,   Enhanced mega watt solar power plants,   Consultation first step

Verifications Engineers Electronics Specialists Researchers-21 pages, Video Testimonies,  Test Results,   Meter Records 

Funding Claims - If Only Have a Demonstration - Steps


Windmill CDN Prairies 1940's  Open Source Free

Schauberger Heater Motor  History - 30 prototypes 500 hp control challenges,   gift funding next prototype - $6,000 US

Competitors  StoernQM Power,   Keppe Motor  German Saltwater Car  $1M Reward for anything better than here or on    Who else is selling anything overunity on this planet now to the public?

Secret Overunity Energy Users Japanese "Water Cracking" Ferry Boat,   Exxon,    Chinese Emperor Trains,   Dubai Government Water from Air,   Japanese Island Circular Power Plant,   Freon Turbine in South America,   US Military Reverse Engineered ET Craft-DUMBs, 

Best Historical Tesla’s 90 hp electric car & Lab burnt down  Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter Tesla Bifilar Coil  Stubblefield  Keely  Morey  Hendershot   Testatika  Trombley’s National Security Patent   Newman’s 700% dyno test   Gray’s 80 hp motor COP=278  Ford Motor Car Self Running On Magnets  Daniel Pomerleau  Secret Hermetic Scientists Order  PAP Noble Gases Motor  Dingle’s water car  Stanley Meyer Water Car Murdered  German Saltwater Car Progue 204 MPG Carburator Corso-The Day After Roswell  Ben Rich Skunkworks  Atlantean Holographic Museum   Reverse Engineered ET Craft Drawing

Best Links JN Naudin,  Patrick Kelly, Sterling Allan, Stefan Hartman,


Roths 90% Ownership of the World - Going for 99.99% More Information Numbers Food Stamps US 2000-10M, 2008-48M, 2012-71M, 2016 102M? Roths vs Rocks vs ET's Secret Wars

Deaths 4 Top Journalists 24 hrs, 72 Bankers, 72 NASA, 125 Scientists 40 Gulf Scientists, 100 Microbiologists, 50 Cancer Doctors, Free Energy Inventors,

Good US Military & UN phone more info,

Andromedan's plasma pulses Reptilian underwater craft for 4.9 earthquake more info Galactic Federation Recovers Craft Texas youtube video link showing laser flashes sky to earth






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BitTaxFreedom Super Secret Real Backing for the Roth Digital Ponzi Scam not Gold

Self Sufficiency with no digital Money The Cosmic Life Lesson for the 99.99% on planet Gaia year 2016 more info

Public Banking Or Social Credit - The Solution

0 Zero 0 Zero Children Another #1 Solution - Do you want your children or grandchildren growing up in world unmployed in "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" by the Roths Rocks ET's against the world with ECONOMIC WARFARE #1, taxes, gmo, biological dna microplasmic warfare, toxic ag chemicals, chemtrails, microwave wifi, brainwashing, weather, AI, robots, microchipped heading for being hooked up to the beast central computer like biorobots?

BestFarm Anastasia' Domains of Life & Love   Super Soils = Super Health  Humic Fulvic Mines Super Nutrition  Herbs Super Nutrition  Shulze #1 Alternative Health  Back to Eden 21M views   Biodynamics Steiner's Preps   Aquaponics 1M lbs on 3 Acres   Secrets of Plants, Soils & Trees   Vision Planting Trees - White    Findhorn  Geoff Lawton 9 years   TakotaCoehn  Don Ruzitka    

Arnold Smidt age 85 - 70 b/acre Organic Rye 55 b/acre Organic Wheat minimum till Sask CDN 15" rain/yr  

Dale Anderson 25% Saving Fertilizer 90 bu canola 

Robert Snider New Norway

Crushed Rock 6.5 bu potatoes to 65 bu/ac, 15 bu wheat to 100 bu/ac before  1900    Hunza's 2 ft top soil-100 yrs old    beavers before flood size black bears   earthworms, insects & weeds   Guerilla Gardeners   Mini Farm Grow Box    Towers   Sprouting Seeds  Primal Code-Electrostatic Agriculture & Ozone  Offgrid for $10,000 Underground Greenhouse for $300  Underground Houses for $100+  Geurilla City Gardeners  NZ Paradise  Circle Gardens - Perelandra

FREEDOM ACTIONS  Educational Freedom vs Brainwashing   Energy Freedom   Tax Freedom    Money Freedom    Food Freedom     Mind Freedom    Health Freedom    Spiritual Freedom - Cosmic Awareness Communications    Self Sufficiency Freedom