$1M Rewards

Reward: $1M banana republic dollars of which the US dollar already is as the Federal Reserve Note (ie another name for IOU on fancy printed paper is backed by nothing as the gold was moved out of Fort Knox). The head engineer for Fort Knox exposed that the gold was shipped out a back door built originally. That gold before that in 1933 was seized or stolen from the people to begin with by exchanging printed pieces of paper with $20 on top for each ounce of gold. Then after they moved the gold out, they raised the price to $35.00 per oz.

Now with only about .0000001% of the electronic digits backed by printed paper and only about .0000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of the 1,000 T of derivatives world wide, 250T of world debt backed by precious metals in storage much less in circulation, is it any wonder George Sores is selling stocks and buying gold stocks and gold?

There are plans to shut down and seize even those electronic digits with Greece, bail legislation including FDIC back to the Bank of England (first central bank owned by the Roths) preparing the way. A good supreme court judge lawyer is worth more than nuke submarines or airplanes and likely the war talk is just misdirection for the real economic war on the world by the Roths.

or $10,000 CDN

or $1,000 silver or gold for less costly per net watt out, better, more replicable more stable devices than the devices on this web page.

Longer version:

I didn't say in what currency that $1M was in. Some German Mark just before WWII end hauled in wheel barrows?
Some African dictatorship?
Russian Ruble before communist revolution financed by the Roths & Rocks - Gold & Central bank for the Roths, Noble oil fields for the Rocks. 180 of 189 commissars were jewish front men for guess who?

The US confederate currency is worth more than the US dollar now.

The US dollar has dropped about 98% in value from before the Federal Reserve privately owned by the Roths issued their ponzi scheme backed by gold supposedly but in reality the ability to tax you the peasants. That is why the IRS was also set up in 1913.

So the tax rate has gone from 1% to about 50% plus including interest about 80% of the peasants earnings in one way or another to the Roths and some to the Rocks their competitors in the secret war to take 99.99% of everything for themselves.

The gold was moved out of Fort Knox as revealed by the head engineer and others. Oh did you forget that most of that gold was stolen in the 1933 Bank Holiday Closing THEFT wherein the Roths and Rocks laughed all the way to the bank to count up their theft of half the world at that time.

This digital theft is even bigger as back then 80% of the people had access to country living, wood heat, garden, cow, chicken eggs, life skills, values and some common sense.

Svali head mind control trainer over 29 others in LA saidback in the 1990's they have plans for depression that will make 1933 look like a picnic.

Most people can't believe it. Lybia had their countries assets around the world seized ie stolen for just one example. Most of the SA countries had their stolen in 2001-2. Covered up big time as a 2 hour google search revealed only 2 little references back about 5 years ago.

Greece is right in front of you now.

Venezuela is another 98% drop in their dollar value in just 2 years.

http://www.realjewnews.com By Brother Nathanael Kapner has information that Trump is being brought in by those who financed his real estate empire in order to foreclose on the bankrupt US Corp as his experience with his own bankruptcies gives him the background to fool the people.

Most people don't realize the Russian & Chinese revolutions were financed by the Roths to take Russia from the Romanovs with 180 of 189 commisars jews. Did Stalin say over 90% of the communist movement was to set up a central bank?

China was taken from the emporer and upper middle class. So is the Roths going to use the Chinese as front men to seize the remaining wealth from 99.99 % of the people in the US? And how do they pull that off?

The Chinese have a saying of: "A man steals a horse, he is a thief. He steals a kingdom and becomes a king."