5% Referral or Affiliate Fees

I am heading in the future paying 5% Referral or Affiliate fees for those redirecting traffic to my website.

It is going to take time and money to get that software installed and working smoothly.

In bitknowledge & bitbarter & bitcooper & bithelper there is posted some of the best .00001% information at:

plants4444 google search #1 or


I am trying to get information out to others if they are interested on various topics like spirituality, free energy devices, super soils =super plants=super people, et's, economic collapse with 10 steps to prepare like taking electronic digits out of the bank into silver, gold, food etc., Cosmic Awareness Communications and kirlian energy flow analyses which for me is very helpful in understanding so many things from energies coming in for health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to relationships such as male female.

There is no ads, its free just skim through and pick out the best for you. And feel free to share with others.


Can people see that if they contact local machine shops, electrical rewind companies and/or electrical motor companies, one of those companies might put money into switching over?

I wished I knew of a simple & low cost way for signing up and then paying out affiliates? Otherwise until then, why not send out emails and maybe make some phone calls with what you know here?

Isn't knowing about these technologies worth something?

And the more the information gets out, the more likely it will come out locally?