RE: Timothy Thrapp has had several attempts on his life from being forced off the road or near deliberate vehicle accidents, driven head on deliberately suffering 2 cracked vertabrae, poisoned in jail for manufacturing without a license with a slow acting poison along with Markus Kipper of Arizona. Has had labs destroyed.

Markus Kipper had 5? thugs try to beat him up and a building which I had a small amount of money invested in burnt down in front of him to warn him to desist. He lost $75,000 IRA and his college job teaching. More under Dirty Tricks by Top Names.

I had an inserted message warning about taking my wife hostage back in 1996 about 4 months after talking to Joseph Newman 3x for about 10 minutes.

Joseph wanted me to raise $500,000 capital in order to become a Alberta manufacturer and distributor.

Going through my phone records with contacting various CDN utility companies, venture capital etc., I guess someone in the Roth/Rock  bureaucracy decided to send me a message ahead of time which I appreciate very much. That was a lot better than having built a building and having it burnt down along with hurting investors.