Contacting Smaller Companies like Machine Shops, Electrical Motor Rewind, Electrical Controller, Wind, Solar Companies, etc.

George Green was a hi level insider who was offered the position of US finance minister after infiltrating corps and bankrupting them for free just because he liked it. He decided to become a whistle blower reealing what he knew after he went to a high level party (with Clinton PierreTrudeau etc. doing drugs etc. where someone wanted a piece of his 14 year old daughter and didn't care that she was 14 & his daughter). He said that the Rocks own 4.5% minority control of most of if not all the large companies in the US. If they own minority control, is it possible the Rocks own majority control of most of the large companies in the world?

Would that explain why so many lower level engineers and execs want to produce these technologies but have the top managing execs say no?

Thus recommends dealing with lower level more independant machine shops, motor rewind companies, niche specialty electrical motor controller companies along with smaller wind, solar, hydro, gas, oil and machinery companies. is hiring internet virtual assistants to send email ads to the above.

Feel free to wait until somebody else comes out with these technologies.