Cooperative Networks

I like Michael Tellinger's Ubuntu Movement.

Uniting people across borders and cultural divides imposed on humanity - laying the foundations for communities of abundance and prosperity on our beautiful planet of infinite abundance. Join the rapidly growing global UBUNTU family today - meet like-minded activators like you and become a seed of consciousness in your area.

We are the creators of our own reality - so let us use our collective consciousness to co-create the utopian world we all want to live in.
In love, unity and resonance
Michael Tellinger Catherine Fitt is for communities. For exposing the corruption of the government agencies, they have tried to jail her, bankrupt and kill her.  The Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Inc. Network of Individuals around the world.

Feel free to send advertising information of the plans to networks or groups that might be interested. They can in their newsletters or emails, ask for those seriously interested in investing money, expertise and time in getting Ron Brandt's technology out.

If there is someone really fired up to do something with connections but lacks the $1,000 to $2,000, I am willing to give the plans I have to him to help kickstart him subject to him agreeing to follow the conditions in cosmic common law copywrite & patent protection.

If others such as Fulford, David Icke, Wilcock, Chopra, Walsch, Oprah etc. also want to help, I agree to share the plans with them under the same terms of those in cosmic common law copywrite & patent protection.

For Venture Capital Firms, Angels, & the Wealthy I offer to share the plans under cosmic common law copywrite & patent protection so you can verify how this is going to impact your current portfolios in nuclear, coal, natural gas, hydro, solar, wind and make better decisions in the future.

Buster Anderson as of June 10, 2016