Dale Anderson

Dale Anderson from Stettle Alberta has farmed for 21 years 1,000 acres and was a fertilizer representative for 6 years. To keep his brain active, he is in contact with soil researchers around the world. He was the first to bring in perled calcium into Canada.

He signed up about 35 farmers 2 years ago for following his recomendations to save 25% of their fertilizer costs the first year. And to save another 25% over the next 5 years due to increase soil biological activity. For $500, I can record a 8 hour session with him.

What I really like is his recommendation to do test strips and use a weigh wagon or take the yield to town seperately. That way those results are from your farm under your soil and weather conditions.

With the net profits being so tight, just 5% of yield increase can double the profits also but again, that is where your farm and test strips will determine for you how much money and time to invest in making changes.

Also, do farmers want to keep mining their soils leaving less and less for the next generations or have them increase in fertility?

He sent me a photograph of 90 bushel of acre canola and a picture comparison of the difference between canola test seedlings grown with or without www.blackearth.com minerals.