earth worms, insects & weeds

Earth worms tunnel through the soil aereating it, digesting the gross minerals to finer minerals bioconverting them to a form more readily available for other mirco organisms and the plants to uptake.

Weeds are natures soil repair crew. Pigweeks show good soil. Purselane is high in omega's. Canada Thistle and quackgrass grow on compacted soils which are low in calcium, magnesium etc. Their roots go down and bioconvert the minerals at low temperation biological transmutation to more calcium & magnesium. When a farmer put on 500lbs of gypsum per acre, his amount of canada thistle and quackgrass was drastically reduced.

A person bought compacted annhydroused dead soil and planted various kinds of weed seeds. Then cultivated under and let grow. After 7 years according to an Acres Magazine article, he had really good soil again.

The Rock Cartel through their control of eductation, grants to colleges (one report was for a $100,000, this one research facility would give whatever results was wanted. Olds college wouldn't allow the GMO/soil expert on their compus to give a talk due to so much funding from chemical fertilizer companies.

There was a 1 paragraph report that one lab was shut down in the US for falsifying data on over 100 farm chemicals. There was no mention of redoing those studies or warning the people eating those "safe" farm chemicals in the food giving them all kinds of diseases, alzheimers etc. and cancer.

Using annhydrous causes the dormat weeds to sprout at 11x the rate compared to land not annydroused. Annhydous was used during WWII to make quick run ways for airplanes in heavy grassy areas. The rocks needed a new market for empty factorie afterwards so promoted their Green (death) revolution world wide after using their control of the mass media and education to sell such toxic products as DDT with a half life of 75,000 years. Eagle crush their eggs due to the poisonous effects yet still doctors and naturepaths can't connect the link without large scale studies to back them so they don't tell their clients if they even know about it.

The different sprays & chemicals are not specific to herbicides, pesticides or fungicides. They are poisons through to the microorganisms in the soil, to plants, to insects, to bees, to animals & to humans.

Dr. Max Gerson as a boy noticed that earth worms migrated off artificially fertilized ground before 1900. That to me proves earth worms are higher on the evolutionary scale than me being brain washed through college and agriculture magazines that what we were doing is the best thing going on a commercial farm. And that he was smarter than me who spends time, gas and money to buy poisoned nutritionally deprived food from the corporations in the store. And psychologists and psycitrists are too stupid to tell their clients the reason they feel so crappy, lousy and can't think straight is that they are being poisoned also.

I know at least 2 young girls that are suicidal. The one told me she feels sick to her stomach eating. Well the pesticides act on the nervous system, stomach and skin of insects. If it does't kill them the first pass, they die from eating the sprays on the plants later. And people for some reason can't grasp if that does that to the insects some of the toughest most adaptible creatures on earth, what will it do to them or the birds eating the insects. Washing the plants is corporate disinformation. It is embedded in the plants.

Rachel  Carr in her book Silent Spring back in the 1960's warned about the silent spring with no birds singing. The last 2 years, my father in law has had to hand pollinate his tomatoe plants in his green house due to no bees. When I was younger, the vehicles had bug deflectors as so many bugs hit the windshield going to town 15 miles away. Now a person can make 100 mile trips with less showing up on the windshield. When I was younger, there were10 to 20 barn swallows on the telephone wire in the yard. Now 1 or 2 if lucky.

Every dollar people spend on safe store food has about 5% going for poisoning the planet, soil, water and air bioaccumulating. If everyone bought organic, Monsanto would go bankrupt. Buying bulk, famers market, drying, freezing in season, using a juicer and a grain grinder for bulk grains and 1,000 more freshness rather than rancid dead food will not cost more especially compared to a box of dead cearal for $5.

Insects are nature's safety crew. They eat incomplete plants proteins and if the plant is healthy as the high suger content which can be measured with BRIX meters for less than $50 on will change to alcohol in the stomach and kill them.

The scientists with their fancy Ph. D's, meters, lab facilities, white coats and $100,000 plus salaries are not as smart as the farmer with common sense that I read used a farm chemical spray and noticed that a bird flying into it dropped down & died. He took that spray back and didn't believe the lies he was being told unlike so many others.

Satalite photos show insects flying overhead over crops and choosing the dieased nutritionally deprived plant/fields from several miles away. Phil Callahan has excellent books on how the insect antennas pick up frequencies like radar, infrarad etc. which they use to collect and gather information. It shows again to me that the Darwinian evolutionary theory is all wrong. Humans are the lowest on the evolutionary scale especially the brain washed scientists, doctors etc. working for the banksters and corpsters.

And the young people are being poisoned with a baby in Toronto having over 231 chemicals measured in the umbillical chord. And that is just what they measure. Atrizine a common corn chemical is causing tadpole eggs to switch from male to female at like 1 part per billion. If women and others wonder why they are having hormonal problems, ask what those "safe' farm chemicals are doing to them?

What is not often known, on super nutrition is that in 3-4 months, over 85% of those smoking & drinking it up voluntarily. Over 80% of 2 mental institutes walked out of there one of those being in Calgary. Prisoners on organic food stayed out at over 3x the rate. 2 public school districts who cut out junk food and one good meal had the grade point average go up 1 grade level. Problems dropped down to almost nothing with $5M saved in vandalism.  

The Gerson Therapy using organic 8 oz of juice every hour plus coffee enemas to kick out toxins in 2 weeks had a person feel sick being around cigarette smoke. Another male petrified about giving up crack and cigarettes (some say harder than heroin) was similar. (I much prefer Richard Shulze’s #1 bowel herbal formula (a person should have an easy bowel movement for each meal) and #2 herbal formula with activated willow charcoal that pulls out over 3,200 different chemicals, heavy metals and toxins etc.) 

Rats on studies if given good food, water & alcohol, drank water. Those on poor food water and alcohol chose alchohol after a while. Then when the groups were switched, they switched back.

Alcohol penetrates the cells further with quick junk food energy and with the toxic water which cells reject at the cellular level as they sense they are being poisoned, people are both starving for liquids and nutrition. On a penny, it will hold about 23 drops of toxic city water, 21 of spring water and about 19 of alcohol depending on the eye dropper size and waters. That shows the surface tension is less for alchohol and good water penetrating more. Bottled waters can be checked the same way. 

So simple but the Roths/Rocks cover up the most important information and spread information that benefits their poisoning the people extracting as much energies, money and time as they can.  

The educational system from looking back on 5 years starting with honors at 16, 1 year pre-med then 4 years of mechanical engineering flunking out largely I due to toxic chemicals such as flouride and chlorine in the water, farm chemicals etc. Not once in those 5 years of expensive private christian SDA education did I ever hear the word organics. I believe the accredited roths/rocks system wipes out the most beneficial information teaching facts, figures and knowledge which is largely irrelevant to the young people. Who then just look to party on the weekends.

And the Ph. D’s are scared to think and tell people the truth without having not just one large scale study to back them but several due to so many large scale studies being fraudulent. I wonder how they determine to go to the bathroom? Hook up meters, do a study around asking if they should go, wait for an expert to tell them? 

I phoned a person that worked with doctors for 10 years in a SDA medical/life style clinic in Florida. When I asked him if they were telling their clients about the dangers of GMO food, he said their wasn’t enough evidence yet. When I asked about all the studies and how the one scientist was fired with the rest of his assistants in the UK and also put under gag order about the courts, he hadn’t heard about it. He believed it was assertions without evidence.

Well to me, the educated idiots coming out with degrees are the ones that are lying to people that trust them assertions based on false manipulated studies and brainwashed in the roth/rock educational system. And it wouldn’t be so bad but people trust them paying often large amounts of money like me over the years $15,000 for health problems. Then I watched my wife at age 47 die in agony on morphine drip for 3 months due to those educated idiots and ourselves being brain washed. 

The Chinese use the 3 - 9 point pulse test &/or muscle testing test each person individually. The top health professionals are those that keep people healthy with preventative recommendations and people don't pay them unless they do so. The lowest on the totem pole are the medical doctors that fix people in emergencies as the problems are more obvious and readily diagnosed. Linda ? in her book was tested by one of those Chinese who held her wrist and listened. He gave her much the same diagnose with even more details than her doctors. Now with live blood analyses and electrodiagnostic machines, there is that much more information available faster and much less costs. The rock cartel doesn't want that as people would see what the chemicals and doing to their body and electrical energies just holding them up to their body in ingesting them within 5 minutes.

People are being told we live longer. That is such a fantastic lie. Not in North America. My wife’s grandmother lived to be 98 eating fish, meat, eggs, milk etc. that is supposedly so unhealthy now (well it is because the poison’s bioaccumulate up to 100,000 x up the food chain with eagles crushing their eggs –another scam – likely the birds inside were dead already from the poisoning. 

My wife’s mother lived to be 67 eating mostly vegan, not smoking, drinking etc. dying of ovarian cancer. My wife died at 47 with breast cancer. Her nephew was only 1 of 2 that survived of 30 of his cancer at age 1.5 years. 

That is about 20 years shorter for each generation which agrees with the Iron Mountain Report written in the 1960’s that poisoning of the earth is well advanced. William Cooper in his A Pale Horse Book has that excerpt in his appendix.