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Subject - Ron Brandt Overunity 500 hp Perm Mag Motor Plans Revived!  

Body is open sourcing information and selling plans for Ron Brandt’s Overunity up to 500 hp Perm Mag Motor. It is with all due deference to Joseph Newman’s 700% dynamotor tested motor, about 500x more cost effective per net watt out.

A very special thank you to Joseph Newman who turned down any amount because "they" would not agree to manufacture it for the world.

My challenge to you is what are you going to do now with this information?


Joseph Newman’s 1 hp motor was about 400 pounds in weight for less than 1 hp net out. Ron’s motor is about 400 pounds weight for both the motor and controller yielding up to 500 hp. The cost is about the same at about $30,000 plus or minus depending on various factors.

A very special thank you to Ron Brandt for allowing me to open source this information!

I thank you if you are willing to help do so.

Buster Anderson