FREE RON BRANDT MOTOR FRANCHISE!  Machine drawings, electrical schematic for the controller, photos, etc. are posted here! Feel free to download, burn to dvds and repost. I WELCOME THE COMPETITION (COOPERATION) in making the world a better place! Index etc. below after the sales pitch.

Quick Start Guide: By asking the quesion - How can I do this easier, more efficiently and who do I know that can help me on this will bring answers and those willing to help you whether or not you know computers, technology, have little or no spare money, have done anything like this before or really not interested except to help make the world a better place for your children & grandchildren? And did you know you can start with approximately 25-50 emails to see if this will be viable or not?

1. Do a google search or look in the phone book for ads for more localized machine shops. Find the contact information  for 1 and send an email with the 250hp autocad machine drawing attached asking if they would be willing to provide a rough estimate for their cost to build 1 then 10 of those motors from the autocad file attached? And if not, do they know someone they would recomend asking? Once that is done, do it several more times.

2. Do a google search or look in the phone book for ads for more localized electrical rewind companies. Find the contact information for 1 and send an email with the electrical controller schematic drawing (spark file coming) and ask if they would be willing to provide a rough estimated cost to build 1 then 10 of those lamination packs and electrically wind them for wire handling 48v & 100 amps from those plans attached? And if not, is their a company that they would recommend contacting? Once that is done, do it several more times.

3. Do a google search or look in the phone book for ads for off the shelf 3 phase electrical motor controllers for various voltages and amp ranges. Get prices for 48v 100amp controllers for starters. Ron ran his car off of 4-12 v batteries with less & less amps draw from the batteries as each new generation of controller was built. They can also ask questions to fine tune what you need along with the questions and answers you get from the electrical motor rewind companies such as the resistance and inductance of the windings. That lower cost motor controller from $3,000 up to $21,000 Curtis programmable controller can used to to demonstrate the motor in operation under unity or less than 100% efficiency in order to make more presales, more interest and funding for the next step.

4. Start placing ads in local newspapers as well as giving talks and contacting them about a very news worthy item. Did they want to know about the upcoming energy revolution with costs of energy reduced up to 100x from wind or solar? The Roths/Masons have dirty tricks departments down to the lowest cell or level so until this has more publicity, it is better to contact heavy users of diesel, gas or electricity directly like trucking companies ($60,000 CDN fuel each year - payback in 2 years or less), welding shops, off the grid companies depending on diesel fuel trucked in or up north flew in by helicopters. Then the payback would be in just several months.

A person can make draft copies of emails up to 10 or 20 and just start sending them out or copying and pasting into the contact forms of the various companies. For local companies, a person can take the information on a dvd or a usb stick or their laptop computer and visit them to ask their estimate as most welcome new potential business and person can exchange information faster & more direct face to face. Generally a person is better off to start asking questions and going from there. Like how many diesel trucks are you running and on average - How much fuel does each truck use per year? Is it worth considering that a technology has been developed and suppressed to save Billions of tax revenues going to the governments run by the Roths behind the scenes to pay their ponzi debt created scam or the monopolization of oil wealth the foundation of the Rock Cartel Empire now fracturing in the secret war with the Roths such as the Saudi's dropping their price not only to be able to buy up smaller companies for 5 to 10 cents on the dollar but also to weaken the Rock competitors.

5. Keep a list of seriously interested people with short notes of the most important information like trucking company, total fuel costs per year with x trucks, etc. Do you think that owner would be interested in financing a $15,000 perm mag motor in order to save himself $500,000 each year down the road and increase his profits by that much each year? And if he doesn't and another competitor does, he will be bankrupted in a year or 2 if he doesn't start converting soon?




Are you interested in making a positive difference in the world?

Do you want to turn around the exponentially increasing environmental destruction?

Do you want a better world for your children & grandchildren instead of a denuded dried up toxic oxygenless ball rotating through space?

Do you want to receive electronic digits for doing so?

Do you know this is the easiest best and most wonderful opportunity I have come across in about 50 years of searching for various ways of making money?

Do you know males young & old, females young & old, children and others can also do this?

Did you know you don't have to know much about technology except to be able to read, print off the information and ask others for help on the questions you don't know?

Did you know even if you don't know how to operate a computer, you can just pay a teenager about $5 for each email they send more local machine shops, electrical motor rewind companies & electrical controller companies for an answer to straight forward questions. And if they ask one that you don't know, you just ask someone else that does and then respond with the answer or pay $5 for an answer to be sent.

And while you are waiting for the answers, did you know you can be placing ads online or locally in papers or on grocery store postings for those wanting to purchase Amazing Ron Brandt 60hp to 500hp self running overunity Perm Mag Motors?

Did you know that after you do this for a while, you will be an Expert that others will look up to and ask for your opinion like you were a star?

Did you know that Wind, Solar, Dams, Nuclear Power, Gas, Oil, Biofuels are going to go bankrupt unless they integrate and convert over to these &/or other overunity energy technologies?

Did you know that it is such an easy sell compared to other opportunities with so much more reward that the only competition is banksters creating ponzi debt electronic digits on the computer for ease? Even counterfeiters have more money and assets invested with building, printing press, labor & expensive bonded paper stock which is why they are put out of business immediately even if they would be better than banksters seizing assets in artificial inflations and depressions but I digress.

Did you know that Ron Brandt's 500 hp Self Running Overunity Perm Mag Motor is about 100x more cost effective than wind or solar?

Did you know that educated Ph. D's & engineers will often be handicapped with their brain washing in college compared to you?

It is so simple and such an advance that they will not likely believe it, be so skeptical and walk away rather than confront their sophisticated expensive Roth/Rock Educational Brainwashing?

Did you know you have saved 10,000's of dollars plus 1,000's of hours sitting metaphysically chained to a 2x3 ft desk with less freedom than a convict in a 8x12 cell memorizing facts, figures & information that has had the most beneficial wiped out so the peasants don't learn it? Did you know the Roths own the Federal Reserve and made 40B during WWII through that alone much less from all of the business private operations such as loans to most all sides along with cost plus contracts for munitions industries as just one example? And that the last Builderburger meeting was about AI & robots for replacing more of the useless eater peasants?

Did you know the trick in public education from the Roths/Rocks viewpoint is how do we take happy children helping their parents learning real life lessons and practical skills in self sufficiency into OUR PUBLIC Schools where we waste their time using sophisticated methods of brain washing them under unhealthy conditions of flourescent lights, being wified, staring at electronic screens where they remember 5% instead of 80% off of paper due to the difference in radiation light vs natural creation light. Also the cycles per second put part of the brain in a hypnotic state within 30 seconds. The most educated with Ph. D. (learn more & more about less & less until they know everything) will be so fixed in their thinking and so trained to be so skeptical of everything that they have been taught that they will be one of the greatest "tools" the Roths/Rocks have in ruling the world behind the scenes?

Did you know that doing something as simple as I suggest will create a fear that you haven't got approval from some authority figure, smarter, peer pressure from others, artificial or synthetic god like figures like the pope (when the Roth's mercenary Napoleon's general took the pope captive in 1798, they got control of the RC wealth, revenue, gold, jesuit intelligence arm and that the Roths supervise most often the speeches that the pope reads or he is killed with poisoning in 33 days like the one.

How can you as no body do something so drastic and far out as start promoting the Ron Brandt Technology?

Don't you think you should wait for the mass media, peers, authority figures, government (Govern You For Them) to say it is ok to send about 30 emails to 30 different contacts?


Jay Abraham Marketing Genius and Guru for others. Most money and best resource in one place I have been able to find so far.    password abraham2013   Jay Abraham - Joint Ventures: From Mediocrity to Millions   Very Very Good  470 pages