Funding Claims - If Only Have a Demonstration - Steps

There have been literally thousands of emails and phone calls over the decades that if you demonstrate what you claim, I have all the money you need or I can find all the money you need. Then after one demonstration, just another one. Then this person needs a demonstration.

There is almost a perfect correlation that the more they claim they can raise, the more hoops, steps, agreements, distances to drive a person has to go through the less they will actually pay for any of the expenses incurred in doing so.

One example is 3 multimillionaries in Michigan that come here and we will fund you all that you want. A person drives there, gives good demonstrations and then to show their integrity, they keep some small overunity devices in out right theft but a person deosn't like calling 3 multimillionaire thieves to their faces on their own turf. Of course they didn't offer to pay for any of the time or expenses incurred to get there.

Of many multimillionaires that know about the preferred consulting payments up front, so far over 99 % try to save money to avoid paying those small fees.

If a multimillionaire is so tight that he won't pay for $300 for one hour of scientist, engineer, innovator's one hour of precious time, what are the odds that he is going to pay on a multimillion contract?

Someone else that negotiated with 1,000's of people including billionaire's wrote that it was easier to get $10,000 out of the little guy than the rich. So he proceeded to do so in likely over 100,000 of them in Dirty Tricks by Top Names. Clue - He sold 2,000 exclusive distributorships at $10,000 minimum just for starters.

So many want finder's fees contract to protect them for finding the funds. Just agreeing to and signing those contracts can eat up a person's time. Again if it was fruitful, it would be ok.

Thus the first step is pay for a $300 one hour consultation or $60 one hour consultation