German Saltwater Car

Saltwater cars work very similar to Hydrogen powered cars. NanoFlowcell have come up with a way to utilize Hydrogen in cars without using high pressure systems. Their cars use saltwater. The saltwater is used to generate electricity and run the cars.

If you want to go a bit more technical, the cars have two tanks which are filled with dissolved metallic salts. These dissolved salts have opposite ionic charges which are then pumped through a membrane.

The chemical reaction which unites both molecular structures produces energy which is used to power the four electric motors, each of which powers one of the wheels, by utilizing the built-in super capacitors.

What Sort of Cars Have They Made?

NanoFlowcell have developed three cars so far. The first one was a sports car followed by one consumer grade and a prototype.

Of course, most of us would be interested in the consumer which is also the most interesting among all models. And the best part? These cars have been approved for testing in Europe for quite some time now.

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I have listed this under both historical and competition as there have been other reports of companies running boats on salt water. The practical engineering problem is how long the technology lasts using salt water which has so many minerals and is corrosive. The market is so  large and the need is so great, I welcome competition. But I ask people to verify long term use before investng a lot of time &/or money.

Daniel Dingle showed an associate photostated checks up to $80M signed by such companies like Exxon. He mentioned one Japanese Boat company had converted their ferry boat to using his technology to run on water. That associate phoned that company and asked to speak to the engineer for the motors. When the engineer was asked if that boat ran on water, he said yes.

It is not likely that ferry boat company is going to hire certified Prony Brake testing and publically post the results for competitors to find. It could be these stories are disinformation by the Roths/Rocks to lead future research down a long and costly maze when they know full well there there is much better technology out there in use. When the energy market is about $2T per year, does that give $2T reasons to steer the public wrong? Could it be the green movement with solar & wind is another puppet play for the masses to think one thing while something else is being done? Like a pick pocket having the victim watching his right hand while the left is reaching into all kinds of places?

Also I read the Rock Cartel was buying up patents for fixing pollution for the problems they create in the first place. If that is true, would that explain more reasons why in the Iron Mountain Report William Cooper publishes in his Pale Horse book, p468 Iron Mountain Report - snips Poisoning of air, food & water supply is well advanced and would seem promising - generation or generation and a half before sufficiently menacing, could speed up the process enough to make the threat credible much sooner etc.