July 28/16 Emails are being snipped out midstream including return receipts especially on important emails with the Subject Ron Brandt 500hp Perm Mag Motor etc.  When the subject is changed, the email goes through. When witts.ws was failing in having a biography of Timothy Thrapp attached going to an possible Asian investor, I went into his yahoo email account and did some testing. Emails just before or after that attached email could be forwarded to another yahoo email account. But their NSA? software was able to snip out the attached email between 2 yahoo email accounts. Skolnick sent an email to himnself and it took 3 days after being routed through various intel agencies to come back to him self. That is one way of destroying businessess exposing the truth is to randomly snip out sales & order emails, etc. The one person who ordered through my website told me that his first order disappeared before being completed. It worked ok for me in testing.

When I read there is sniffing software at nodes checking traffic, that indicates to me that the software can also surgically snip out what they want. And also alter according to reports like Dove with an altered photograph to make her seem like fat and weird mid stream. A person in Ponoka married to a Chinese lady told me, that emails from China can take 3 days after going through monitoring. With China & the world being run by the Roths behind the scenes, it would be knaive to think that they aren't using Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars in one country and not another democratic free sheeple country like US & Canada?


RE:witts.ws Has had to pull their website and youtube channel for a period of time after the one state government came after them with 2 different lawsuits. He was warned if he did anymore free energy demonstrations, he would be put in jail.

Youtube when contacted about another party using witts.ws video's without permission rather than contacting the other party, threatened to shut down witts.ws youtube channel.

Yahoo.com has snipped out important attachment emails between yahoo.com accounts.

Google has down rated various overunity websites and boosted skeptics to the top for readers to read first. Your search has to be much more particular to find the best information at times.

Trolls are hired in empty factory buildings and told to make up aliases and start posting whatever their manager tells them. One on the web said witts.ws was so embedded in so many websites, he didn't know what to do.

One person posted an extremely negative comment about Timothy. In his youtube profile, it showed he had clicked on 2 previous links only before that third one. Just in case you were wondering why comments were disabled.

I have had a free energy inventor in the UK respond that I sent him a automatic confirmation receipt to him when I failed to get back to him because I hadn't heard from him. I don't have that turned on and offered to send a print screen shot of my sent outbox.

Another associate had a particular nasty virus that started eating up important information on his hard drive. Raylan Gunther of www.rumormillnews.com wrote that a similar one went into her Mac along with backups.

macrium reflect is the best free backup software that I know of.

The best comment about microsoft I have come across on the internet was that it is a virus disguised as an operating system. I am just waiting for my avira to upgrade enough so that it removes my 8.1 version and installs the best linux software like linuxmint overnight instead of ms upgrading to 10 despite users not agreeing without their permission. MS has some nasty little features like key logging, NSA backdoor keys, etc. they don't want the public to find out about.

http://www.reviversoft.com/start-menu-reviver/ Has a start menu more like XP for those with 8.1 that is such a pain in you know what with their flat start screen menu for dumbies being dumbed down further. I thought I would add this here as a free bonus to save others some of the agony & frustration I had in finding something that works. Be careful in reading about any add ons which I can't remember if they had choices about.

Also burning important data to optical discs is highly recommended.

There is about 8B people vs about 200,000 top people hybrids so lets use our numbers for us. Even a hundred manufacturers is difficult to stop. Various people have replicated Joseph Newman's design in small machine shops etc.