History BestEnergy.ws

My passion is to try to find the top .1 to .0000001% information and get it out to the world.

Ron Brandt's Perm Mag Motor 500hp operating overunity is pretty fantastic. 

I give myself a pat on my back for initially registering www.witts.ws & setting it up using simple What You See You Get Software. I set up the youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/wits2014  and started editing video's using freebe software off of download.com and writing up descriptions.

Then a deal was made with someone else to take over.

I get satisfaction realizing how many people have gotten that information that they wouldn't have otherwise. Also

 plants4444       google search #1 or


is where postings has been made on other information such as:

various topics like Anastasia Fame, Tax Freedom, spirituality, free energy devices, super soils =super plants=super people, et's, economic collapse with 10 steps to prepare like taking electronic digits out of the bank into silver, gold, food etc., Cosmic Awareness Communications and kirlian energy flow analyses which is very helpful in understanding so many things from energies coming in for health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to relationships such as male female.

It seems like a lot of VCC & rich have the dollar as the bottom line. How much money can I make on this? And what is going to be my ROI?

What about seeing how many lives a person can positively impact? And what the consequences on the rest of living earth and life forms? And how much a person did with what they have in time, talents, knowledge, willingness to listen to others, lend a helping hand?

Who has done more in comparison in their life time- A street person that helps another? Or the VCC sitting on huge dollars wanting to make more huge dollars at 100% per year so won't finance super beneficial earth changing and saving technology initially?

Did you know this Game of Life is the Real Deal! Not virtual reality through TV believe it or not.

Did you know on the other side where thoughts manifest almost instantly, there is nothing to really flex a Spirit's Ethics, Values, Determination, Growth on? It is easy to say on the other side I will help others, be kind etc. But in this real life 3D exercise world, then that is when a Spirit really finds out what they are made of?

Talk or real action. Right?

For me something that has helped me the most of everything I have read or grown up with on this (like the movie Good, Bad & Ugly) hell hole at times worst run planet in this part of the solar sector is:

Cosmic Awareness Communications  It is like a grapevine to the Universe. The Roths Rocks don't want people to tune into that type of information so hire peasant trolls to post misleading, skeptical or even better pay no attention at all as it is so effective - so it drops under the radar screen of most everybody on planet earth. 

Rather than choosing a Masters Degree Class at university in exploring how very rich powerful people (Roths Rocks) can use their assets to evil ize (live spelled backwards is evil) their victims who remain victims until they wake up to the realization as Spirits or Souls, they are more wonderful and great when they use their assets for living and life or positive kirlian energy flow enhancement in their and others lives.

Do did you know you are in your Masters Degree Class here now on 3D earth on this timeline in the year 2016?

How are you doing?

What are you learning?

How much love are you giving out to the world?

Is it possible, the more you give, the more you receive?

Or does it work that the more you take, the more you will receive?