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Timothy Thrapp Bio

42 experience as Entrepreneur/ Businessman .

28 of those years as Scientist/ Engineer.

Began working full time at age 5, (in excess of 40 hours a week) and he's been going strong for 42 years. (Now 47 yrs old)

Started his first business at age 5. He has been full self supportive ever since.

At age 8, he dedicated his life to service to God and to Humanity.

By age 15 he had mastered all construction trades and had already started college.

Also at age 15, became a General Contractor. The youngest General Contractor ever, up to that time, in the State of Florida.

Mr Thrapp almost single handedly built over 17 homes before his 17th birthday.

Mr Thrapp was a self made millionaire by the time he was 17 and a multi-millionaire by the time he was 18 years old. It was all the blessing of The Lord. He was not trying to accumulate money; he was simple busy serving God and Humanity.

Began missionary work in his teens. He has since served in over 15 foreign countries. And has led countless people to a closer walk with God.

Taught College level Physics and Mathematics for 2 years at Alaska School of Science and Technology

Formed World Improvement Through The Spirit (WITTS) Ministries approximately 25 years ago.

Developed a Stock Market trading program that was approximately 85% accurate at predicting, short term, market moves on Stock, and Futures markets.

Has worked continuously for the betterment of mankind for over 30 years now.

From 1981, till now, has assembled a top rate team of scientists and engineers, and developed hundreds of solutions to most of mankind's problems.

So amazing is Mr Thrapps life that 6 times he has been interviewed by different Authors wanting to write his biography. 2 such books have been completed and were/are in print. And at least one more under way.

Mr Thrapp and his team have developed hundreds of invaluable, life saving technologies, in the fallowing fields;

Pollution Remediation; Water, Air, and Land.

Electrical Energy Production; abundant clean energy is now available for large scale commercial applications.

Mechanical Energy Production; Self Running Motors, Resonate Motors To Gravity Motors , better Wind Mills , Water Turbines , self sustaining Heat Pumps and many others.

Mr Thrapp and his team are now working to implement these solutions, worldwide.
In obedience to Gods Word and Gods Will, as found at 2 Timothy 3:17........ Stating " that the man of God should be found to be FULLY COMPETENT, and COMPLETELY EQUIPPED for every good work."

As I (Buster Anderson) understand it, Michael Faraday set up a ministry organization. Nikola Tesla was the 4rth spokesman. When the 5th was killed prematurely during WWII, Ron Brandt was trained to become the 6th one. Then Timothy Thrapp became the 7th one.

Timothy Thrapp after making several million from construction then other investments, hired up to 51 top engineers, specialists, unique knowledge to replicate and make modifications of various overunity technologies around the world. He was warned that he would be destroyed if he didn't quit. Rental buildings were condemned & would have been bulldozed if he hadn't went to the govenor of the state to appeal it. Lawsuits were started on various bogus charges. He moved to another state trying to get away and ran into issues there from public officials. A trailer loaded with expensive lab equipment did not show up and back tracking, he found the contents had been dumped out into the snow using drugs as the cover story.

He has had attempts on his life from a head on manchurian programed asset causing 2 cracked vertebrae to being jailed with Marcus Kipper for manufacturing without a license. When they didn't cooperate, they were given poison in the food or water which they fortunately survived. Marcus lost his job teaching at the college, 75,000 IRA's and ended up working at McDonalds. He was told if he cooperated, he might get the $75,000 IRA back. A small wood building I put money into for more isolation was burnt down by a swat team. People they thought could be trusted were actually compromised by someone to steal and report on them.

About 1999, $13M of Timothy Thrapp's money was sezied from various bank accounts such as Swiss, offshore trust & US. After spending $80,000 in legal fees, what they said was that someone in the Federal Reserve got it. I don't imagine it was the clerk at the counter. If people do a search, the wealth seized supposedly of Gaddafi was actually mostly Lybia's money around the world as verified on reports from established newspapers. That is like Canada or Austrailia or US being framed and the world told the evil dictator Trudeau or Obama needs to be straightened out thus his wealth taken. Lybia had 16 advantages before like interest free loans, free education etc. because the Moslems don't believe in usury which is never reported in the mud slung at them so Western Christianpeople can sit back and feel good about living on wealth stolen from them.

Having the threat of my wife taken hostage back in 1996 for trying to raise $500,000 to manufacture and distribute Joseph Newman's 700% per mag motor within 4 months of first talking to him was enough for me to lay low and keep a low profile. There is no way that I would have gone through what Timothy has gone through and he has my full respect on keeping on going.

I just found out this last month that the electronic controller whiz had his son kidnapped for a year and tortured trying to stop him. Fortunately the son is back with his father now.

Another inventor was warned they would cut off his legs and arms if he didn't stop with a swat team searching for him.

http://www.larouchepub.com/other/book_reviews/2013/4011bamboozle_murder.html Big Bamboozle by Philip Marshall about 911 was killed along with wife, 2 children and the dog.

For those skeptics that believe the mass media lies along with compromized news anchors etc. feel free to disregard other warnings like the fema concentration camps being manned and activated with foreign UN troops as mercenaries.

I was in friendly competition on finding the latest and best overunity information/inventor/device but when that occured with 2000 coming up, I told him lets work together in a joint venture agreement. Thus from that agreement, I have done more of the internet side in researching, going into patent basis and searching for parts, doing various agreements on different topics, listening, registering the www.witts.ws domain, starting it off with simple WYSYG software until someone was hired and the youtube channel with editing the first video's and posting the summaries.

I have funded about $85,000 over the years with out receiving any income back up to 2016 year plus eating up my expenses of phone, internet etc.

Witts or Timothy has more negative information posted against them/him than the next 100 overunity energy inventors combined. One youtube video that mistakenly had comments allowed had about 500 pages of comments 99% against them/him. I tracked a person that posted a very negative comment and in his list of video's viewed before hand, it showed only 2. So was he paid to do that?

People are going to have to decide what they are going to do when tyranny is taking over the world.


History of Enlightened Technology by Tim Martin

Enlightened Technology was founded in September of 2009 in response to a basic need to educate the public and promote breakthrough technologies that address critical challenges to our long term sustainability on the planet. Although many relevant technologies have been discovered over the previous century, those most significant were effectively suppressed by various factors including governmental national security, powerful industry, and a society who's education and beliefs do not allow for the existence of advanced devices.

Indeed, one's own framework of beliefs is seemingly the biggest obstacle yet to overcome before new energy can proliferate into the homes of people everywhere. To educate and open the mind, even slightly, will lead the way toward fundamental shifts in technology, prosperity and abundance.

Quantum Electric Generator
Our Vision

To raise awareness of leading methods in energy technology, eliminating need for fuel or weather conditions,
To enhance the quality of life for all of humanity and the planet's fragile ecosystems,
To produce this leading edge technology free of corporate profiteering, political control, or corruption,
To distribute these New Technologies viably to the public, at affordable cost to all,
To save substantial dollars, reducing "dirty" electricity, by adopting green power made right at home.
To remain a grassroots, co-operative, public initiative, managed, funded, and maintained as such.

Enlightened Technology isn't about benefiting a corporation, board members or stock holders. There's more at stake. The world must undergo fundamental shifts if we're to live on planet earth for the longer term. Please check out a few words from our founder.

We are currently making preparations for building a new demonstration machine to be used for public awareness and additional exposure. Please help us make it happen!