There are those that compare the Keppe Motor and Joseph Newman's prior art and do not see that much difference. Whereas their fan motor is consuming 10 watts at 250 rmp, Joseph Newman's dynomotor test was 1 hp gross at 700% efficiency.

Joseph Newman received notoriety, was blocked from a US patent even though spending over $2M and having support from 7? US Congressmen. Even the US patent office own expert was in support for Joseph. He was offered any amount that he chose but refused when "they" wouldn't agree to manufacture it for the world. A special thank you to him for that. YOU ROCK! compared to so many Dirty Tricks by Top Names

Some awards that Keppe has won so far:

Finalist LEAP awards

Gand Prize of 17th HKEIA Award for Outstanding Innovation & Technology Products

Keppe Motor wins Innovation and Technology Product of the Year Award at the world's largest electronics trade show

A person would think that with all those awards, they would have a fan for sale.

Yet on their website   the fans are $275 going down in price with out of stock beside them.

For those familiar with intell operations, some might think their was a conspiracy against Joseph Newman and misdirection towards Keppe Motor to throw people off of the track.

Have you ever noticed a pick pocket has the victim focused on their left hand while the right hand is reaching into their pockets?

Could someone be doing the same thing on planet earth to most everyone?