Joseph Newman's Dynomotor 700% Test

Copy of Joseph Newman’s 700% Efficient Dynomotor Motor Test witnessed by 4 individuals done 10-6-94 at Lawrence Technological University.

My graph of volts in vs hp out.

Witts Prony Brake Test non-certified of one of their designs. is showing that the battery pack is recharging up in voltage, mechanical work, electrical lighting and then the battery pack is removed showing that with efficient capacitors collecting the back emf, it is self running as done by

I bought Joseph's 7th Edition of his book. I found so much of the information fascinating such as the oscilloscope readings on the back emf. The principle physisct for Sperry Univac acting on his own behalf Dr. Roger Hastings verified a number of the overunity tests on several models. When I later tried to buy the 8th Edition, the internet reported that the printing press burnt down. about half way down is the digital online version of Joseph's Book from Patrick Kelly's excellent compilation of overunity devices back in history.

I want to thank Joseph so much for turning down any amount when "they" would not agree to manufacture it for the benefit of the world. YOU ROCK! compared to so many Dirty Tricks by Top Names

That test has opened up a number of doors for me. I faxed that test with the open source of his motor design modified over his patent to Don Kelly with his newsletter. He in turn told Gene Fischer involved with over 200 patents when he was head of IBM research before it was IBM. Gene in turn told me about Timothy Thrapp.