OverUnity Read Links

http://jnaudin.free.fr/ Nean Naudin French Engineer the most prolific number of replications of various devices from energy to antigravity that I know of.

http://www.free-energy-info.com/ Patrick Kelly with the most top overunity devices with condensed summaries in one place that I know of.

http://www.freeenergyparty.org/Free-Energy-Proofs.html Very Good videos and summaries along with solving the money problem, permaculture, gmo etc. Doing a fantastic work!

http://www.overunity.com/ Stefan Hartman with a lot of electrical builders. Subject to the questions in Dirty Tricks by Top Names postings.

http://www.panacea-bocaf.org/ Claims to be searching for the best overunity information. Yet a search through the site has no hits for www.witts.ws or Timothy Thrapp. Subject to questions in Dirty Tricks by Top Names postings.

http://peswiki.com/index.php/Main_Page Sterling Allan used to have the most all around very good information on energy, alternatives, etc. that I know of. Subject to the questions in Dirty Tricks by Top Names posting. Was Sterling backed and compromised from the beginning in order to have such an extensive website as per "Stalin - The best way to take over the opposition is to lead it" Thus he has the most negative information about witts.ws posted and some of the most positive about the least verified and unlikely overunity devices in order to shift potential investors down the false trails like Perendev etc. Now even that wasn't good enough as too many corps and people were waking up to overunity so they jailed him over child molestation and gutted his website under the pretense of under review or reorganization.


As I understand it primarily from one source Timothy Thrapp of www.witts.ws  that dominant energy is made of 3 fields. Polar, dipolar & parapolar. John Keely mentions 3 aspects also as in 3 musical chords. If the polar is too much, power increases and burns out components. If the dipolar increases, then the overunity effect decreases until it is under unity. Too much of parapolar and antigravity effects start showing up. That might explain why when John Bedini walks out of the room, his device quits operating overunity from internet postings. And why Richard Willis of Magnetec sells units that 2 weeks later are under unity according to internet postings.

The above information is super very important as it explains so many things.

For more information, consultations from:

www.witts.ws  Spokesman Timothy Thrapp has the most various kinds of overunity devices tested and validated overunity that I know of on the internet.

He is the only one that I know of that will consult on his devices.

In comparison, there is one overunity company that wants proof of at least $1M funds before they will even start giving details of their devices for sales much less the proprietary information they are using.

I have posted a $1M reward to find anything better as there are so many different kinds, most people can hardly believe www.witts.ws. Or are they subject to Dirty Tricks by ????????