PAP Noble Gases Motor

Pap the inventor had his motor run on a mixture of noble gases. The costs would have been extremely low for running and another route of overunity energy not taught in colleges. Due to the expert  Caltech physicist Richard P. Feynman (1918-1988) pulling the electrical plug wrongfully November 18, 1968 in Garena without asking & likely with gross malfeasance (was it likely deliberately sabatoging the public demonstraton in Gardenia California under the cover of an accident to protect his nuclear income and prestige). And was it protecting billions of dollars for someone else like the R & R's?


Roberts Rotary Noble Gas Engine Debut

Robert Rohner has built a rotary noble gas engine design by Dannel Roberts, and uploaded a video showing it in operation, demonstrating for the first time this new method of harvesting the noble gas plasma effect. Though it doesn't show power in:out, they do disassemble the engine to show its simplicity.

If I remember correctly, they had raised a lot of funds and looked like they would come to market possibly. The some US Corp Agency (FBI?) stepped into seize their funds and other assets to protect the shareholders or ?????????

Due to that, I can't list them as competition in the present. It would be really nice if someone could get it working safely as the market again is so large and it is needed so much!