Progue 204 MPG Carburator

From 1979 to 1983 I researched into high mileage carburetors. I found the Progue Carb that got 204 miles per gallon on a Ford Motor Canadian Test on a V-8 engine. I came across an ad for 1 for sale for $21,000 CDN. I met a stock broker in N.C.that wanted funding that claimed to have machine drawings which I believe. Due to lack of ready funds and the reason below, I didn’t take those opportunities as the best fuel is airplane fuel that varporizes at mostly one temperature. I didn’t want to try to distribute a new mixture of fuel on top  of dealing with opposition.

What the oil companies did was steal a unit and then changed the fuel mixtures so instead of all the fuel vaporizing at 140 degrees F, they added mixtures so some vaporized at 140, 160, 300, 400 plus additives so it wouldn’t work very good. They threatened Charles Progue and then offered him money and a job as head of a oil filter company which he basically had to take. 

During WWII, the Rockefellers needed long range tanks that went further than 3-5 mpg so they used his black box top secret carbs along with Progue’s consulting in order to beat Rommel of Germany in the Egyptian desert etc. Then after the war, they suppressed & just used it behind the scenes for themselves as needed. 

When the fuel is vaporized, it fires with more power at the top of the engine stroke rather than burning slower & emitting more waste, heat & unburned hydrocarbons. That is why there are so many reports of higher mileage carbs and better gas mileage built by various people but they have troubles controlling it in all the temperature ranges and under all the load conditions.

George Wiseman spent $25,000 to build a unit that got over 100mpg I believe. He sells plans for simple units that increase mileage from 5 to 30% or higher depending on how big the bubblers and/or the brown's gas units are.

Birney? in Ontario is selling CAD drawings that he says others have got 3x the gasoline mileage that I can't remember right now. also has their designs (also sold on that a person needs to figure out with their mileage and costs, what the ROI is and how they want to use their money. I would like to see more local people that have a unit that they can show others and maybe people can test first? They have several fairly designs compared to others. Hopefully with more volume, the price can come down so more average per year drivers will buy them.