QM Power


http://www.qmpower.com/products/   Q-Sync provides the most efficient fan motor solution available, allowing for a significant reduction in watts and amps when used in an application. With up to better efficiency and power factor advantages, utilizing a Q-Sync solution would be the equivalent of taking at least ONE of every TWO other motor solutions off the grid. When compared to shaded pole motors, Q-Sync would be the equivalent of taking FOUR of every FIVE motors off the grid.

Scroll down this page to see comarison graphs for airflow to input amps to regular motors.

Quoted price of about $60 for a 12 v motor to buy about February 2016. Wanted to get out 10,000 units for in the field testing.

At .1 amps for 12 volts that is a fan of only about 1.2 watts power for $60.00.

My understanding is that they have spent millions to get to this point from originally Joseph Flynn's Parallel Path technology.