Ron Brandt Bio-History Perm Mag Motor


Ron Brandt b April 4, 1920 d Nov. 27, 2010, Forsyth Rosebud County Montana, USA

He was a 50 year member "The International Union of Operating Engineers" (IUOE)

He engineered and implemented many HV high power transmission lines and other advanced projects.  He designed, tested and helped to install (As well as "Worked out the bugs" of the 1Million volt transmission line going along the west coast of USA. (For decades this was the highest voltage transmission line operating on the planet earth). 

He was a child prodigy working on electrical motors from before he went to school.  At grade three he built and demonstrated his first over unity, self running motor, to the amazement of his teachers and classmates and many others.  

He totally rebuilt his first car at 12 years of age. He bought it from a junk yard for $11. In less than one month, he rebuilt the engine, the transmission, the body, everything! 

He entered the military WWII underage using altered birth data. His genius was recognized early on. He was promoted numerous times. It was not long before he was teaching electrical engineering to 1000s of other enlisted men. He quickly rose to the top. He was recruited to work at the right hand of Nikola Tesla on the infamous "Philadelphia Experiment" The Radar invisibility and Optical Invisibility Project.  

Being the militaries top Electrical Engineer (There were NO Electronic Engineers at that time), they placed Ron at the right hand of Nicola Tesla. (There have been a number of movies made about the events that transpired at this time. For those interested in the true story. See the free video classes at There are several different classes that cover the Philadelphia Experiment, and what ACTUALLY transpired, and how to repeat it yourself, if you have the time and resources.)  

In the 1870s, Ron built a 90 mpg carburetor. It was forcibly shelved by the US Government.  page 86.

He was aware of Volcheck that drove an engine with unusual freon type expansion properties as the motivating power. He sent a can of Flourinert to me and I, Buster Anderson, did a search and found 3M had a similar freon type fluid called Performance Fluid. In a simple test with ammonia in sealed ¼ inch pipes with diesel glow plugs, pressure gauges with equal wattage, the ammonia was about 2 psi for about 12 psi with the Performance Fluid.

Along these lines, The engineers at did an project with a heat/cold turbine engine and refrigerant and were able to drive the car with just from the heat off the road as the power source. No fuel was consumed. I Buster supplied the double headed piston pump for that expirement and paid for the turbine and shipping back to Canada when they needed storage room. 

Ron used surplus military electronics with higher .9 ratings that tapped zero point energy by switching between battery packs. Those trying to replicate it with commercial lower grade electronics have not yet achieved consistent over unity yet that I am aware of. Ron was more polar of the dipolar and parapolar fields so his auric field helped to influence overunity. That is why so many have overunity effects but the device goes under unity when they are not around. I myself am dipolar so that when I walked up to an operating Joseph Newman machine in an overunity unshielded mode, it started slowing down when I was about 10 feet away. is just one example.

Tesla was working with Brandt on this Tesla switch initially during the preparation during off time for the Philadelphia Expirement and the name then became the Tesla Brandt switch.

For balanced & stable over-unity, what I have learned from is that regular electricity needs to be balanced between different types of sub atomic particles, fields and flows.  It appears electrons are NOT the only things that flow thru wires!  Keep the energies balanced or the components burn out.  Consult further with them for more knowledge.  page 11 & 12 information published on the internet about Ron's over-unity perm-mag motor that Ron Brandt was demonstrating to various people and audiences.

As I understand it, there were several vehicles that Ron ran overunity. The most famous was during the 60's and 70's. The photos I have of one vehicle is a later modified car of several.

More google searches can be done about Ron Brandt.


Be aware that fractions that don’t want these technologies out hire trolls to post disinformation and skepticism.

Also other inventors & groups use that angle as a cover story as to why they don’t have over-unity and unfortunately many people have lost life savings and even their home by dishonest greedy people. (See Dirty Tricks list and Best Energy links with caveats list, for your protection).

The plans for his Perm-Mag Motor that I have are for 2 basic designs that tested up to 60 hp (1 hp per pound of weight approximately not counting the controller) and by adding the mirror to the shaft is 120 hp. Ron first thought that it would be 10 hp when designing it. The larger design is 250 hp and by adding the mirror was up to 500 hp tested on a dynamometer (Prony brake).  

Initially the efficiency was 400% from reports. However efficiencies continued to improve as the engineers involved did more engineering and more fine tuning with over 4 controllers built.  

In the best result that was reported, the input was less than 1 amp in for 60 hp out on the 60 hp model. At 48 volts in, that would be a COP of 932x.  

That compares with the dyno test of Joseph Newman done at Lawrence Technological University were the efficiency went up as the voltage increased:

1,076 vinput  .151 hp out 118% efficiency

1,426 vinput  .495 hp out 327% efficiency

1,729 vinput  1.14 hp out 700% efficiency 

In Joseph Newman’s 7th edition book, he also shows oscilloscope readings where extra power was coming in what some call dominant energy. When I tried to buy the 8th edition, the building that published the books had burnt down. It is now online at: scroll half way down.

We should all thank all these men for their tireless work bringing solutions to mankind, to fix the problems at hand, worldwide!  

We should also thank Joseph Newman, for turning down any offer he chose when they wouldn’t promise to put it into production. And open sourcing the technology with the dyno test, validations including Dr. Roger Hastings principle physicist for Sperry Univac acting on his own behalf. He also shows oscilloscope readings on the extra energy coming in on the harvested back emf. That dyno test has opened up doors such as talking with Eugene Fischer (with over 200 various patents himself) that was head of IBM research before it was IBM.  

And Eugene in turn, connected me with Sir Timothy Thrapp, current Spokesman of World Improvement Ministries . Etc.

Sir T is a master EE as well as a master of all the various "electrical-like" fields and flows, as well as highly proficient at all types of engineering.  

He has MANY very real demos on the internet, including you tube, demonstrating SELF RUNNING motors and generators. (This is NOT a typo. They clearly show COP of infinity!) Thousands of independent engineers, myself included, have seen these demos first hand and been invited to check for anything unscrupulous. 

Every engineer that has seen these demos have unanimously concluded that these demos are 100% real. and exactly as presented! 

I (Buster Anderson) visited Ron Brandt June 7-17, 2010. He was generous enough to be very reasonable in allowing me to enter his lab building, see his huge lab was filled with machining tools, parts, incomplete units, book shelves of technical books, and photostat machine drawing and the schematics’ for one of his controllers, photostat his blank circuit board and give me two lamination rings for the 60 hp, three lamination rings for the 120 hp motor and one magnet. He wound the one 120 hp lamination with colored yarn and black marker pen on the one lamination to show how it was wound. The simple 1 page signed agreement between us was that I would be allowed to open source it if there was no other way to get it out.

The estate was purchased by 2 individuals who parted out and sold off various assets such as the buildings, land, machine tools and equipment. They retained Ron Brandt’s motors, controllers & documentation that had several hundred thousand dollars of investment primarily by 

I was able to make contact finally with the one partner in May 2016 but when he wouldn’t give me a starting figure to negotiate, I then let him know I am open sourcing it. And they can let me know what they will decide to do in the future. 

The documentation now released on Ron Brandt’s conference demonstrations by in their archives show #300 with the first 15 minute sessions of the split out total hour starting at 45:49 to 1 hour is also a huge help. 

I personally believe this will spread very fast through the internet as the price per net watt out is potentially so low. It is approximately 500 hp net out (mass production about $50,000 USD whole sale) compared to about 1 hp net out for Joseph Newman’s 700% efficient motor.