Schauberger Heater Motor  Vitor Schauberger ended up inventing an implosion water motor that likely the Germans used secretly during WWII. A US Texas company somehow ended up with all the rights in such a crooked deal that after flying back to Germany died shortly (or was poisoned).

There have been various reports of others developing similar units.

The one most documented that I am aware of is the Clem Motor. Thank you Jerry Decker of keelynet for getting so much good information out through the years.

Ron Brandt with 2 associates built about 2.5 feet diameter 2 inch hollow disc with spiral liners inside with spray nozzels at right angles on the outside edge. They tested various spray nozzles to find the only one that worked. Plus they had a propietary addition on the walls around the disc.

At above a certain rpm, it went into overunity operation.

Images search on google. has built over 30 units refining and trying various ideas. The biggest engineering challenge is that when it goes into overunity, the power output rise is so fast (to the squared to cubed multiplication), components fail.

I would like to raise $15,000 US with proper video documentation, horsepower measurements and attempting to find electrical control circuits that react fast enough to shut down fluid flows &/or add braking components.

Those trolls and other skeptics discouraging investment in these non-polluting technologies need to realize that China is bringing about 2 coal fired plants each week online and permitting 4 per week.

Coal fired power plants in NA are emitting 44,000 tonnes of mercury each year which is bioaccumulating each year in the soil, water & air.

Why is the peasant jailed if he shoots a bankster or a corpster? Yet they can murder millions each year by blocking these technologies?