Secret Hermetic Scientists Order

Email postings I spread around trying to make connections to this Order. I am still very interested. Val Valarian wouldn't pass on to them my information on Joseph Newman's 700% dyno test unfortunately.

I am trying to make contact with members of a Hermetic Order based in Chicago. The reason being, a number of secret research scientists belonging to a Hermetic Order, held a meeting in NY where they talked about free energy devices. In 1994, they held a meeting in Chicago where the building they met was powered by free energy. In 1999, an article mentioned that a number of members were using free energy in their own homes.The collection of articles are in a book with information at  Not valid now Not Valid now has more information on their brain research, earth resonance grids, what they found on the moon, conflict between the bankers and technocrats etc. which can be very interesting.  

Also they are working on liquid light for healing, have duplicated over 100 mpg carburetor, and other quite interesting stuff.

I have studied on free energy since 1983, have 4 yrs of mechanical engineering, read lots on spirituality and would very much to contact a member of their order if possible. Any leads on spiritual contacts that might know how to contact them in the Chicago Area would be very much appreciated.

I was able to get the name of one person that it seemed to be an alchemist that was at one of those meetings living in a nursing home. I chose to not follow up as being an alchemist and I think I had troubles getting through to that nursing home.

I still would like to see if their knowledge has spread to other members.