Self Sufficiency with no digital Money The Cosmic Life Lesson for the 99.99% on planet Gaia year 2016  Svali ex mind control trainer over 29 others in LA back in the 1990s said they had plans for a depression that would to make 1933 look like a picnic. Back then 80% of the people had access to country living, garden, cow, chicken garden, wood heat, life skills with families looking out for each other. Over 7 M starved to death wiped out of educational history written by the victors. Now only about 5% have access to country living with a lot less skills and values.

And now wealthy family members often considering their wealth fully justified to be hoarded and protected from other poorer family members making their own choices such as loosing their jobs and not living within their means. That isn't so galling as often they won't go out of their way to lend a hand, listening ear, possession or take some time to help which won't cost them an electronic digit in their bank account. Packed with wealth of common sense information by grandpappy an engineer for surviving like the pioneers that settled NA and for the 99.99% that are going to relearn those lessons again. Open Source free software for mirroring websites and burning to dvds for reference when the Roths shut down the power grid using some cover such Russian US war, fake et invasion, some computer glitch, annonymous hackers (who pays them and tells them what to do? I was trying to get them to do a job for me [better software than MS a virus disguised as an operating system] but was unable to contact them - maybe that is why they are called annonymous hackers?).

Cosmic Awareness Communications says that the Roths pushed it so far previously on Maldek that they blew it up leaving an asteroid belt circling this sun. They were given a choice in this life to reform. If they don't, the next life could be in caves throwing rocks at each other. That might be better than living in DUMB cities if Gaia hiccups and crushes them like a tin can in one of their back lash earthquakes. Or the Galactic Federation uses their sonic weapons more such as has been reported the Procyons are using on various Reptilian Orion Grey bases in the Ocean. In fact Corey Goode reported that it was getting so bad with the fence put around to block them from leaving, that treaties were being discussed much more seriously.

CAC also says that over 85% of humanity has lived on Maldek (in some personality focus aspect of a soul). So people can argue all that they want about this and that. Or use their educated Roth/Rock brain washing to intellectualize facts away right in front of their face. Or go to church and be fed feel good sermons like Joel Osteen's. (They sound really really good on the surface except I have never once heard him mention the Fed, Roths, gmo food, wifi, economic collapse, tax freedom, etc but I did hear him mention that it cost over $100M just to air condition and pad the seats in his church).

Ellen White who never went past grade 3 but is the most published woman auther in the world primarily from visions given to her has golden nugget quotes such as not exact wording: When the people find out how they have been deceived by their ministers, they will want to rend them to pieces. The rich are working together to deprive the laboring man of his just rewards for his labors. Their is a lot of unnecessary information being taught in schools. It is better to live in harmony with mismatched chairs than with the latest fashions and in debt. It is good to live in the country away from the influences of the city. And that each plant should be studied for it's own individual nutritional requirements. And that cancer is caused by a disease causing germ? (Very few people release that they do studies with taking cancers from one animal and transferring it into others by injection to see if that animal/person &/or their progency also get cancer from that injection. People are not told those cancers were deliberately put into vaccinations rather than accidental contaminations. How good is factory farmed meets and plants especially when the just cut out the worst if that in packing plants?)

She saw in a vision Lucifer/Satan telling his chief luetenants that the best way to heap misery and suffering on people is to get them in debt. And that they would be working together with scientists to create weapons? against the people of earth.

This youtube video has documentation as far back as 2008 the elite through their agents  were approaching various churches convincing them that if in an emergency, the ministers would use the verse in Romans about supporting the government. And also to just advise their congregation to just pray about it. This video also shows at about the 7 minute mark that it was presented to the SDA (Seventh Day Adventist) church that I grew up. When I see how little the main church is really telling people and coming out with such wrong information such as being in support for vaccinations, I am going public with how wrong that I think that it is. And that I believe people should support with their tithes and offerings those independant ministries or others that you really believe in such as (SDA) that gives real good information about alternative health, snowden, super soils for super health, wifi, gmo food and golden nugget quotes from Ellen White etc.

I believe people need to be told that the Bible was compiled and written up by the PISO family with the support of the Roman Oligarchy at that time. They infiltrated and took over the purer original Joshua? and wrote it up with their named characters like a historical novel to draw and gather support and especially money from the little person.

The constitution says that "No laws shall be made with respect to religion." Period. After the Roths used Masonry to raise up the common person against the King of England who was allowing the prosperous colonies to use their own interest free money such as what was printed off of Benjamin Franklin's printing press to stop that perniscuous practice as it would destroy the monarchies, their wealth and the best brains would flow to America.

They would use Mason Ministers to preach from the pulpit how King George was so evil but not telling the people that the jewish bankers stopped accepting interest free colony money as well cutting the money supply in half as well as calling in loans collapsing the economy from prosperous to 30% unemployment in 2.5 years with divorces, drinking, debtors prisons (now private for profit prisons).

Today most ministers preach Seperation of Church from the State not realizing they have just castrated themselves from doing much of anything good as the State run by the Banksters and Corpsters is part of the Beast System the way it is run.

They are so scared of loosing their 501-3c status now with donations that they are going along with such stupid policies as gender neutral bath rooms, another distraction for the peasants. Can you imagine higher level church meetings to discuss how do we handle gender neutral bath rooms when their members are being unmployed in "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" by the Roths Rocks against the world with ECONOMIC WARFARE #1, taxes, gmo, biological dna microplasmic warfare, toxic ag chemicals, chemtrails, microwave wifi, brainwashing, weather, AI, robots, microchipped heading for being hooked up to the beast central computer like biorobots?