Super Secret Real Backing for the Roth Digital Ponzi Scam not Gold

People have been scammed into thinking that gold is the backing for the ponzi debt created ponzi monster system by the Roths. The gold was moved out of Fort Knox through a back door built right from the start according to the head engineer. That is why Germany isn't getting their gold back until 2020.

The basic principles of the Bank of England was that for the ability to lend (create debt money), they would be able to tax the people. The owners of the Bank of England would be kept secret. So in the advanced technological age with democracy the owners of that bank are still secret. Allegations are  that the Roths bought up the whole country stocks companies & the Bank of England on the advance information from Napoleon loosing at the Battle of Waterloo. Little do people know that both sides were financed by the same party. Guess who?

In actuality it is the ability to tax the people to collect on the debt created on ledgers when they used pencil on paper. Now they type in a 10 digit number for a new bank account to lend money out. They type the lender's name in. And type in $1,000,000 to create a new loan with a check book costing about $35 that the customer has to pay because they are so cheap to give more than a few blank checks for starters.

In exchange for that, a person has to sign over real hard assets and securities like land, house made up of blood sweat and tears, trades, wood, electrical & plumbing.

But with $1M new debt created money, it used to be at 8% interest, about 3M was owed back with interest over 30 years. The other 2M hasn't been created yet unless someone else borrows more too.

That is why the bankruptcy rate is proportional to the interest rate. And why debt created money is like a gravitational black hole, sucking up all the money and assets to the banksters (ie the Roths).

Play Monopoly. Starting with 10 players it takes about 5 hours to have only 1 maybe 2 players remaning. That game was mind control operation on children as the banker is invisible with no player and hands out $200 each time of passing go.

But in real life, it is just the opposite, he takes money left and right and is just about as invisible with government, politicians, judges, lawyers, teachers, ministers, military, cops, intelligence agencies, experts, mass media, journalists etc. acting as his front men operating more for him than the people.