Windmill CDN Prairies Open Source  has pictures of various windmills on the Canadian Prairies in the early 1900's. The fan design is simple, large surface area compared to the airplane propeller design and is fairly simple and low cost maintenance. I have seen these working & in use when I was growing up.

They sold open glass batteries with lead plates that were long life and easy to maintain and replace or fix if one or 2 cells went bad.

A less expensive design is to buy an 12 volt automotive alternator, use a universal connection to a large fan or possibly a large truck fan on the front of the shaft and mount similar to the prairie windmills. Or a direct drive to a right angle gear box can be used for pumping water.

Please feel free to share especially to those in poor less developed countries lacking power. Now for those in developed countries loosing their jobs and needing self sufficiency as much as possible.

The most extreme in tiny homes is those living out of vehicles having lost their jobs, home etc. A person could build one of these windmills along with some LED lights and a little toaster oven to get at least that much power.