Over unity as far as watts in the lights, compared to watts from the battery”.Some independent engineers have tested it and declared it to be “as high as 
COP 7 ” !For sake of avoiding persecution, WITTs is just claiming, very high efficiency. Not necessarily over unity.

The small battery pack can be easily charged from any of a number of different sources. A few of which are:
1. A solar charger, or 
2. A 12 volt battery charger, or 
3. A solar panel, or 
4. By plugging it into your cars cigarette lighter, or 
5. Just hook it across the battery of your car.
6. Or ANY 12 volt battery or other source.
7. It can also be charged just from ambient light, in the day time coming into the room, if you have the right kind of 100Watt or larger panel hooked across the battery pack. (Just be careful not to over charge. Maximum voltage when charging is 14.5V and minimum V when under load is 11 volts)

3 bulbs included. Everything included except the charger. (If you want one with those 2 items, see the 2 perks/gifts following this one)

Includes 3 bulbs, beautiful hardwood box, “over unity” circuit, small battery pack.

This system will power all 3 lights for 8 hours before it needs its next charge.

This is 4 nights, of 2 hours a night, each evening, without needing a charge until the end of this time.

And then, when it needs a charge, it can charge up in just one hour, on a 100Watt solar panel that is in the sun.

Or just 7 min, on one of our Quantum Chargers. (Battery Quickener/Rejuvenator)

Or in just one hour, hooked across your car battery. With no noticeable drain on the car battery! The car does NOT need to be running! (You will get a better charge on the pack, if you run your car for 5 min or more at the end of the charge time. However it is not a necessity)

Minimum donation 1000$ (2000$ outside USA) AND Must be in good standing with the ministry.

(Allow 90 Days)

God Bless You All !

The World Improvement Team

Emergency Lights or Full Time Lights Gift – #EMFTL1

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COP=5x-3 lights

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