•  18 lights whole house

#OULS2P - Over Unity Whole-House Lighting System Powered by Quantum energy
and ONLY 2 solar panels (Heavy Duty Version)
Suggested minimum donation of $10,000 USD

Over Unity, Whole-House Lighting System. Powered by Quantum Energy and ONLY
2 solar panels. (ENHANCED SOLAR)
Heavy Duty Version.
Weighs 3 times more. But still portable.

This Heavy Duty ENHANCED SOLAR Over Unity Whole-House Lighting System Lights
up to 18 bulbs, close to full brightness. Will light up your house for about
12 hours straight, even with no sun. (That is 6 nights of running 6 bulbs, 2
hours each night, even with no sun!)
The internal battery can fully re-charge in just a few hours with the 2
panels in the sun. (great for traveling or camping situations)

(15 Bulbs included with the system) They are the new LED bulbs that normally
consume 6 to 8 watts each and give off about 40 to 60 watts of light. The
lighting frequency is NOT 50Hz or 60 Hz. Rather much higher frequency, that
harnesses ambient energy and so is much higher efficiency for lighting LED
bulbs. (Tested as high as 500%)

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18 lights whole house

  • Product Code: 18 lights whole house
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