• 2 hrs consultation

Suggested minimum donation of (SEE BELOW)

  We do have cars getting 200mpg on this type of technology.  It is now
possible for you!Once installed and operating properly, you can get 200% to
300% (or more in some situations) increased mileage on your vehicle or

In other words, if you get 40miles per gallon now, you could get between
80mpg to 120mpg, after proper installation!Unlike the mileage booster on the
previous gift, (which gets 15% to 30% mileage improvement and is easy to
install with no tools, installs in minutes), for proper installation, this
booster requires more work and tools than our plug and play booster.
However, the most difficult components to this booster will already be
assembled in the kit. There will be comprehensive plans with the kit for
successful installation. You will need to be able to do plumbing on fuel
systems and some basic electrical and some basic electronics as well. (This
one may take your qualified professional a few hours to a few days to

This booster is still an experimental system, and therefore you will be
installing it at your own risk. We suggest it for experimental applications
only. And as a learning experience only.

Entirely at your own risk.

We strongly recommend you get a qualified professional to do the
installation for you. If you damage yourself or your car, it is at your own
risk, your own choice, and no one is responsible for your injury or death
except you.

We also recommend you have this installed on your junker car, for 6 months
or a year, before putting it on your favorite car, until you are satisfied
with its operational function.

Plans and Kit includes almost everything needed. (Every car is different
therefore not all the parts can be supplied, but the adapter parts needed
are very inexpensive and can be acquired at your local autoparts store (in
the USA), or ordered online if you do not have a local autopart store. So
there is one or 2 adapter parts, that the plans/kit tells you how to locate
and must be acquired separately.)
Suggested minimum donation with zero consultations is $3,000
Suggested minimum donation with up to 2 hours in consultations is $5,000

Outside USA:
Suggested minimum donation is with zero consultations is $5,001
 Suggested minimum donation with up to 2 hours in consultations is $7,000

Your Gift with any donation of (above) or more.

$3,000 Donation. Ultra Mileage Booster Kit Gift - #UMBK3000

$5,000 Donation. Ultra Mileage Booster Kit Gift with Consultations -

$5,001 Donation. Ultra Mileage Booster Kit Gift Outside USA - #UMBK5001

$7,000 Donation. Ultra Mileage Booster Kit Gift Outside USA with
Consultations - #UMBK7000

All these plans and classes are for individual use only, and all technical
details must be kept private. If others are interested to learn, encourage
them to donate and get a class and/or plans for themselves.

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2 hrs consultation

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