Ron Brandt 250-500 hp Motor & Schematic Plans $1,500 US

For $1,500 payment no returns accepted so study carefully:

1. Cover page and 11 pdf scanned machine drawings for up to 250 hp with just half of the motor or up to 500 hp by building both halves.

Sample pages 2 & 3.pdf here

2. Cover page and 17 pdf scanned pages of electronics schematic of one controller version of 4. The best one controlled the 60 hp motor yielding 60 hp with less than 1 amp input at 48v for a COP of 932. Consult with in order to get those efficiencies as this controller gives the earlier versions less efficient design. Also with Ron Brandt being polar, that also increased the efficiency.

Sample pages 1, 2 & 3 here

3. Scanned lamination ring for the 250/500 hp motor with 3 colors of yarn showing how Ron wound the windings. Both sides scanned in color pdf.

Sample close up photo 1 side here with part digitally painted out

Photo of 1 500 hp lamination ring plus 500 hp magnet

Photo of 2nd 500 hp lamination ring plus 500 hp magnet

The magnet size is .96 cm x 1.9 cm x 6.4 cm with a venier caliper with dial gauge claiming .1 mm subject to my errors of measuring and some corrosion. Ron Brandt in the video said it would hold up almost 100 lbs. Too strong of magnets could over saturate the lamination iron but then the distance to the laminations could be greater. Consult with present motor companies for materials being used today as this magnet could be 10 to 20 years old.

4. Source for blank (Bare 144v 500 amp DC circuit board $21) or populated 3 phase circuit boards ($160 US) for builders.

5. URL for just one off the shelf various hp, votage and amperage controllers to compare others too for prices and features. What would be really interesting is to wind the laminations for 48 v & high amperage and compare with 1,700 v & milliamps input range where Joseph Newman got the 700% efficiency?

In one motor Joseph used 5 volt watch batteries in series in order to get the voltage. Another used 9v batteries in series. That gives an idea of what has been done in the past and could be done with a combination of Ron Brandt & Joseph Newman technology.  I cannot guarantee you will get those results initially first time without consulting with the importance of polar, dipolar & parapolar energies needing to be balanced.

6. 7 more photographs scanned into 3 images that are Ron Brandt’s photos that he allowed me to scan and make 3 digital images besides the photos I was allowed to take.

Ron used 10,000 hour bearings. Balancing is very important for the life of bearings.

Change out is very easy and simple compared to internal combustion engines. With plug in controllers, they could be changed out in an hour or less along with no fuel costs.

Machining costs with magnets could be about $10,000 depending on whether the mirror is added and where the machining is done such as China or overseas.

Parts cost for the controller will be about $20,000 plus or minus depending on sources, quality and your access. A very few can build off of blank populated 3 phase circuit boards to save several hundred dollars.


Please get advice from others especially if you are in a financially tight situation which so many people are. I would not want you to spend money on these plans unless you know what you are doing.

There are other plans at that require less total investment in order to achieve overunity although per net watt out, I believe Ron’s is the best overall.

You might not want to build off of pirated posted copies as the question needs to be asked of Stephan Hartman of if he altered an overunity file emailed to him by and reposted it on his website? Is it professional jealousy or is he an agent for someone in that "I now made a video explaining how Thimothy Thrapp probably faked his machine and
I explain with a block diagram all the parts and show, how he ran the machine at youtube video. Read more about Dirty Tricks by Top Names in the information war to convince you it is too risky, not worth it, debatable, wait until someone else does it, etc. Why is it that the most negative information is posted about who has the most overunity plans & devices for sale on this planet? And also the most verifications at   I have a $1M Reward for better information or devices at

I don’t know how long this site will be up. It took about 4 months from the time I phoned Joseph Newman 3x for about 10 minutes until I had an inserted threatening message about taking my wife hostage for contacting Cdn electrical, vcc and others on raising $500,000 in order to be an Alberta manufacturer & distributor back in 1996.

Timothy Thrapp says he was contacted by someone very high up in the UN and in the US military about providing protection for him and 2? other free energy inventors on a conference phone call about getting free energy technologies out about a year ago.

Subscribe for updates.

Email ads around to others if you do not buy these plans for I believe that 1 positive email action is worth millions of positive thoughts and high vibrational  new age disinfo or 1,000s of prayers without taking positive action in bringing these technologies out. Seth through Jane Roberts says our thoughts feelings & ACTIONform, shape & create our reality. There is a reason why the PISO family compiled the Bible for the Roman Aristocrats. And why they didn't include the verse that God helps those that helps themselves. I agree with the Roman Aristocrats in Jesus being fiction. His real name was something else llike Yeshua? & they were using word deception just like the lawyers today in the difference between the ALL CAPS NAME or the common law name. They infiltrated & took over that movement then just like they are doing today in the overunity energy field. I believe Yeshua? not jesus & others were real & authentic according to Edgar Cayce & others. Cosmic Awareness Communications has super helped me understand so many things beyond growing up conventional conservative SDA (Seventh Day Adventist).



Subject - Ron Brandt Overunity 500 hp Perm Mag Motor Plans Revived!  

Body is open sourcing information and selling plans for Ron Brandt’s Overunity up to 500 hp Perm Mag Motor. It is with all due deference to Joseph Newman’s 700% dynamotor tested motor, about 500x more cost effective per net watt out.

A very special thank you to Joseph Newman who turned down any amount because "they" would not agree to manufacture it for the world.

My challenge to you is what are you going to do now with this information?


Joseph Newman’s 1 hp motor was about 400 pounds in weight for less than 1 hp net out. Ron’s motor is about 400 pounds weight for both the motor and controller yielding up to 500 hp. The cost is about the same at about $30,000 plus or minus depending on various factors.

In summary, if you feel it is too much, it likely is. I do not want to receive money from those that cannot afford it.

Returns are not accepted due to not only to lost fees each way but also due to agents that can use those problems as an additional reason to shut down accounts handling payments.

Buster Anderson

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Ron Brandt 250-500 hp Motor & Schematic

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