• BestEnergy.ws $60/hr

BestEnergy.ws $60/hr 



CONSULTATIONS: What is your:

#1 Question

#2 Question

#3 Question


Are you willing to pay me $60 US per hour consulting to ask those questions for the answers I wouldrecommend or maybe just listen and ask further questions depending on the question/s and information needed?

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the advice, you do not need to pay further after the one hour.

There is information proprietary on polar dipolar & parapolar energies to witts.ws that I will recommend to you upfront that you consult with them for the information they are willing to reveal at this time. $300 to $500 US/hour might seem like a lot until a person asks the questions now much have others spent and what devices do they have out in the world at this time in comparison?

I use land line not skype. Hours to call 9 am to 5 pm M-Fri MST. When I get a calender scheduling up, it will be easier to schedule for both of us.

Payment for the first hour upfront and once I receive notice of the payment, then we can schedule a consultation for proceeding.


I recommend reading the other information on this site and links for free  as I consider that some of the best information I have found so far. I am always looking for better information & will pay you in reverse if you have it.

Blessings on the worst run planet in this sector of the solar system. Apathetic people who do nothing contribute to that and that might be a cosmic life lesson to learn in this life time. Did you know if everyone bought super food off of super soils, Monsanto would go bankrupt? And most of the drug and hospital industries? And people would live nearer the Hunza’s age & vitality?

I like writing this for others if they are open to it?

May Divine Presence/God/Great Spirit Guide, Lead & Sustain you & those around you.

Blessing, Amen & Namaste

Buster Anderson

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BestEnergy.ws $60/hr

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