It is highly necessary that you’ve had a few consultations and you have a deal in place before you have any live demo’s. There is a lot of work that goes into tuning in the demo machines (a team of 12 highly skilled engineers up to 6 months to tune in.) Due to thefts in the past WE DO NOT KEEP THE DEMO MACHINES TUNED IN.

For those reasons, the suggested minimum donation amount may seem high to some people. (These are usually people who have no idea what real scientists and engineers earn.) However, if you count the down time for the whole lab, every time we do a demo and the tuning in time, the amounts are actually a real bargain.

Suggested minimum donation $200k per person. At least 3 Skype consultations are required before setting up a Lab Tour (see item #WSOHC above.)

Covenant Partners of this ministry or an equivalent ministry for one year or more receive 50% off the suggested amount per person. Please allow 6 months lead-time for a standard over-unity demo and lab tour.)

Each person attending, should be a covenant partner for at least those 6 months.

–Please Note: minimum suggested donation amounts are NOT negotiable.

–The demonstrations are all done on glass tables (or in other ways easy to see above, underneath, in back of, and on all sides,) and are therefore very real, and easy to see there are no tricks.

–Demos are very obvious and very convincing.

–Everyone who has seen our demos has been thoroughly convinced! (This donation amount is PER PERSON.)

$200,000. Donation. Lab Tour and Over Unity Demos Gift – #LABTOURDEMO

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Lab Demo Overunity

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