• World’s Most Efficient Battery Charger & Rejuvenator

Universal Charger and Battery Rejuvenator

State of the art, High Tech, very high efficiency, Battery Charger/Quickener Rejuvenator.

Fully versatile and will charge almost any battery or battery pack. Will charge many batteries at once. Will charge very fast compared to any other charger with the same amount of power input.

Tested as high as 1.86 COP (186% efficiency)

Averages very close to 100% efficiency. For those who think over-unity is impossible, you need to research heat pumps. These average a COP of 1.5 and as high as self-running (infinity). The extra energy comes from ambient. There are many devices on the market that do this very thing. That is, these devices get some of their energy (or all their energy) from the environment.

All other chargers that we tested averaged less then 50% efficient (0.5 COP)

The partial list of those tested include:

  • Schumacher Chargers
  • Bedini Chargers
  • Zombie Chargers
  • Stihl Chargers
  • Battery Tender
  • Tesla chargers, (These were not invented by Nikola Tesla, They are just using his name on them to sell their product)
  • X-Series chargers
  • And many more…

Again, all these averaged less then 50% efficient. This is like going to the gas station and spilling half your gas on the ground because only half the power coming from the wall is getting into the batteries. The rest is being wasted. (Like pouring gas on the ground)

Some were as low as 2% efficient.

Our charger averages very close to 100%

AND these Chargers increase efficiency of many batteries to near 100% also (after the first 2 cycles). This is something that none of the other chargers did. (We even tested the several of the so-called battery rejuvenation/restorers on the market. They were not more then 12% in any of our many tests. Some were lower then 1%. In other words 99% is wasted. Like pouring 99 gallons of gas on the ground in order to get one gallon into your car)

This charger, when used properly, also makes batteries last many times longer than any other rejuvenation charger, tested.

This Battery Quickener/Charger/Rejuvenator is fully versatile and will charge almost any battery or battery pack from one volt to 80 volts. (We can provide even higher voltages if needed)

This charger will even charge non-rechargable batteries.

8 unique features not found on any other charger:

1. Very fast: Most batteries charged in 5 minutes or less.

2. Outputs quantum energy to battery, GREATLY extending its life: many test batteries are more then 17 years old, when normally they would last only for one year.

3. Tested 5 TIMES more efficient then any other charger.

4. Causes some batteries to go over unity.

5. Charging circuit tested as high as 300% in some tests (3x over unity).

6. Can be used as a DC power supply for electric circuits, but not electronic circuits.

7. Universal – can charge almost any voltage of battery or battery pack.

8. Makes almost all batteries more efficient. Even causes some batteries to self charge (ie. Some batteries no longer need the charger, after a few years of charging with this Quantum Charger).

This gift/perk comes with a free 30 min consultation on how to use this charger and you are welcome to cover topics related to batteries and charging.

For those interested in this gift, we offer a free, 10 min, Skype consultation, on how to measure the efficiency of your current charger.

As these are custom built Chargers/Quickeners there is approximately 120 day lead time on this gift.

Suggested minimum donation: 3000$
Europe and outside USA , 5000$
Must be in good standing with the ministry. 

Suggested minimum donation: 3000$ Gift – #BREJU 

Europe and outside USA , 5000$ Gift – #BREJUOutSideUS

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World’s Most Efficient Battery Charger & Rejuvenator

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