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GIFTS: $20 multiples for those wanting to give not donations as this is a for profit company tryiing to do the maximum possible with the time, energy, & limited money I have at this time.

My Track Record with more information here: In Brief:  I have spent over $90,000 US out of pocket & several thousand hours mostly on the internet doing research, drafting agreements, searching for solutions to various questions that come up with mostly overunity devices. I have not received over $200 in monetary compensation at this point mostly due to; Dirty Tricks by Top Names. What is much worse is that those Dirty Tricks have blocked overunity energy devices from being on this planet. Can you imagine the difference it would be now if that hadn’t happened?

Also those Dirty Tricks by Top Names have sucked out $100Ms if not over Billions out of the hopefultrusting knaive peasants into their pockets so a lot of the people are tapped out now. Why doeswitts.ws have the most negative remarks posted on the internet? Is there such a thing as trolls hired in empty factories in front of computers for survival wages & told what sites to target?

Why do people willingly pay for $50 plans that promise all the electricity and heating for your house that just require going to the hardware store?
And then when others such as witts.ws or myself actually charge higher or tell people that it isn
’t that easy, the people will not contribute further to those that are providing real solutions now?

Or why give to churches that as CAC says the NWO is financing synthetic religions and channelors so they get fluff not the real truth about what is happening and steps that they can take to prepare?Besides there is John Todd high up in the Satanic movement revealing that they worship the Roths like god’s. And he was responsible for making up to $5-10M payments to various christian organizations. Do you think it was so they would tell the people the truth?

I slept in my car for the 2 weeks while on the trip to Ron Brandt to save money. Setting up a tent was too much hassle. I consider it a life skill they should have as one of the first classes in college to prepare them for the real future for them.

Rather than putting a guilt trip on you as most of you are likely in much the same boat as me, please post &/or email the Ron Brandt Perm Mag Motor Plans to the smaller machine shops, electrical motor controller and electrical motor rewind companies to get that over 1/100 monkey effect. The more they realize the next guy is likely doing something, it will give them an incentive to do also or be left behind.

Also  send emails to venture capitalists to wake them up that investing in these technologies is going to replace nuke, oil, wind, solar, hydro.

Ask yourself what else would you like to do to make this a better future for yourself and others including other life forms such as whales and dolphins that are much more intelligent and connected to the universe than humans or the hybrids running planet earth behind the scenes.

I like writing this for others if they are open to it?

May Divine Presence/God/Great Spirit Guide, Lead & Sustain you & those around you.

Blessing, Amen & Namaste

Buster Anderson

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