cosmic common law copyright & patent protection

I am a member of Cosmic Awareness Communications. The best over all channelled sources of information I have found so far. If there is anything better I would like to know about it.

Stankov read 500 channelers likes CAC best. He also mentioned the Seth Books by Jane Roberts also. Raylan Gunther wrote that Fraction 2/3 from their research believed that Edgar Cayce and CAC were the 2 best sources. Raylan has interviewed Will Berlinghof several times on her site which gets 1M hits a month.

Vikki the editor has cosmic copyright on the newsletters so members can share with friends and family. They tried to shoot her years ago but Divine Protection guided her stepping into a hole so they missed. A thank you to you Vikki and all those especially Avaton her husband & guiding editor who put in personal wealth to keep it going through the years that have spread this information out.

Originally patents were to protect the originator of the idea in order to give them an incentive to develop them.

Now with patent law changed to the "First to patent", it is all about the rich protecting them selves from any competition.

THE COSMIC LAWS of Cosmic Awareness snip

This Awareness suggests that you take each of these Laws and spend approximately one or two weeks meditating during your spare time thinking about what is being said, really looking deeply about what is being said. This Awareness indicates in this manner you shall begin to discover levels of consciousness that few have ever glimpsed.

By studying these Laws you can open your consciousness to a level which is likened unto a college education in comparison to a first or
second grade education. Your wisdom can expand ten-fold
by studying these Laws with deep attention; this is only the beginning."


Common law is the community deciding what is best for them selves rather than the Roths deciding for the world with the lawyers joining the bar going back to the Crown City which they own, control and rule learning their legal verbiage and tricks to confuse the common man.

You the public decide what is best with these plans. Post ads preferably to niche machines shops, electrical rewind companies and smaller electrical controller companies.

George Green said the Rocks have bought up 4.5% minority control stock interest in all large corps in the US. If they have done that, then the Roths have majority control in most stocks, governments and central banks around the world.

Thus this information needs to get into those targeted smaller companies as fast as possible as other wise after this collapse, virtually no one will have money to buy anything except the 1% or .0000000000001%.

That puts pressure on the next middle level companies to also to develop these technologies or go bankrupt in the oncoming competition. The too big to fail banks and companies can do so. Did you know of the bail in legislation already passed by governments like Canada, Europe, Austrailia etc. to steal your digits when the electronic digital ponzi scam collapses? Did you know that good lawyers are worth more than nuke subs or off planet weapons for writing bail in legislation for even the FDIC going back to the Bank of England - First Central Bank bought up with stock manipulations by the Roths with advance intelligence on the war they had financed on both sides between Napoleon and Wellington - their generals. Napoleon was poisoned later when he thought he had enough power to by pass his masters.

Since 1983 when I attended the Non-Conventional Energy Conference in Atlanta Georgia. link slow to open up. I have spent about $90,000 US plus several thousand hours on the internet and researching without one dollar of income from free energy yet. A special thank you to all that put on that conference such as Ken MacNeill, Jan Roos who invited me (who didn't know much except the Rock Cartel Brainwashing from my expensive private SDA christian education at Walla Walla now University 1973-1987 that my dad a farmer sacrificed so his 6 children could have - thank you Dad) to sit at a table to visit with the real rock stars of planet earth like Adam Trombley, Puharich - met him later and gave him a copy of a patent of a water cracking patent that his lawyer hadn't found, Tom Valone fired from the patent office for putting on a similar conference, had to sue to get his job back, Guy Obolensky that demonstrated a faster than light signal with proper oscilloscopes [told me later NASA? paid him $1M to set up his lab to do work for them], George Hathaway, PACE The Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Inc. under Andrew Michrowski was set up and paid for originally by a department in the Pierre Trudeau CDN government searching for better ways than nuke energy, etc.

If I can use some of this income to get other free energy technologies out to the world like the Schauberger Heater Motor, I would love to do that.

Or you can post publically so no one does virtually anything. Just be aware that Stephan Hartman in Dirty Tricks by Top Names altered overunity files and reposted it to discredit And then later in a video purportedly shows hidden wires which his innocent audience believes.  I think this so powerful and low cost per net watt, that it will get out and crack the monopoly wherein the Roths & Rocks are flying around in reverse engineered ET craft looking down on their peasant serfs with the miliary, legal, educational and government officials all mostly working for them.

Karma is a person in the life review seeing & feeling not only his viewpoint but also all the people and life forms he has affected in his journey here on planet earth.

Do you want to live that for the desire to have electronic digits on a bank computer screen, you are willing to sit on extremely valuable information or hold out for the highest bidder holding the rest of 8B people on earth as ransom?

Or that as Venture Capitalist that you would invest in a company providing 100% doubling income for several years because it has all the social media tricks to suck money out of people?

And not even respond much less turn down such beneficial technology as has happened to me emailing over 1,100 venture capital emails, angels &/or other possibly interested parties over the years?

A prophecy of the Cree Indians: “When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten and the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you cannot eat money.”

Christianity with it's misguided Dominating the Earth for their secret overlords has done more damage in the last 200 years than pagan or primitive societies in the previous 1,000's of years. Even Revelation says those that destroy the earth, will be destroyed. It doesn't mention along with all the other life forms such as whales and dolphins that are much smarter and conected to akashic records of the universe than the psychopathic monsters running planet earth now.

Seth by Jane Roberts says "Be careful of the Gods you choose, for you will reinforce each other."

Self seeing and feeling all of the ramifications of their actions on others in near death review is harder on self than distorted gods created by religions to control the people is my viewpoint.

Danion Brinkley in Saved by the Light was shown a number of prophecies that came true like Russia changing and Germany joining the east and west etc. from his near death (Roths found communism too inefficient and expensive so went the democratic route buying up those national industries for 5 cents on the dollar using Russian Oligarchs as front men. Putin went after them until replaced by a double as reported by his ex-wife who was threatened with death with her daughter if she didn't keep quiet. News is just a Roth puppet show along with corp sales as people get scared and then relax into buying warm fuzzy targeted ads by the Rock Death Cartel Corps that really have to work for money because they can't just create it as much out of thin air like cars, houses, GMO McDonalds death food if you haven't figured that out yet?)

Danion saw the results from sniper shooting a North Korean guerilla leader not only then but how it affected that family for generations. He saw the results of helping distribute US military weapons into South American countries and how it affected those lives. He saw the effects of when they couldn't get close enough to a foreign government leader, they put plastic eplosives around the whole hotel and blew everybody up. Then joked and called it collateral damage.

Did you know if everybody bought organic, Monsanto would go bankrupt? Did you know if everybody converted electronic digits to at least paper currency preferably silver gold real assets, in the imminent inevitable bank seizures of the remaining electronic digits, the Roths would be just holding computers with zeroed screens instead of you for ransom? Is it that simple?

I like writing this for others:
May Divine Presence/God/Great Spirit Guide, Lead & Sustain you and those around you. Especially for those loosing jobs, financial stress, family problems from the Roth & Rock created problems in poor health from toxic polluted soils, water & air, etc.

Blessings, Amen & Namaste,

Buster Anderson

PS If I come out with a video recanting this like one magnet motor person with the name starting with M, die after shooting myself 10 times or go missing, feel free to do whatever.