Robert Snider New Norway

Robert Snider New Norway farms about 1,000 acres New Norway near Camrose Alberta. He first got me fired up about organics for commercial farming as he and his son Gary have been in it for so long successfully. There have been articles on him in various newspapers and the Alberta Government in order to try to save money flowing out for chemicals and sprays and to generate more money income actually paid for about 40 DA's to go to his field days tour and over view.

He does crop rotations, a green manure crop for one year, uses older varieties that stool out more as weather conditions permit rather than new varieties that have larger tougher less roots in order to handle the harsher chemicals and synthetic fertlizers.

He also uses inter cropping and with his small seed cleaning plant is able to save money there also.

He was using soft rock broadcast 100 lbs per acre from Soda Springs Idaho years ago but from Dale Anderson he is using another source due to the cadium from Soda Springs now.

They were spraying a sea weed and fish fertilizer costing $20? per acre over the land in the spring to get probiotics on the soils growing more.

I would suggest trying soaking seaweed, using minerals but bulk from the Sheerness Mine that sells them for $40 per tonne 5 tonne minimum and manure teas and spraying.

I have expiremented adding seaweed soaked to the seed when seeding. I have soaked carrot seeds in minerals,  70 minerals in 190 combination and a dolomite powder mined mineral. They came up faster and stronger. Peas soaked planted 2 weeks later in 4 weeks were 2 inches taller than my father in laws peas in the garden.

I have photographs of his field tour that I would love to have commercially.

I toured a field they had bought that year which they could smell the anyhdrous and chemacals off ot it. The first crop planted  is rye as that has properties to reduce canada thistle and quack grass. Weeds are nature's repair crew so those 2 weeds have deeper tap roots and help compacted soils and bio convert minerals to calcium and magnesium etc.

I also have a photograph he shared of corn 3 feet tall and 6 feet tall with the only difference being 4 seaweed spray applications. Most people don't know on a tree in a container grown for 5 years when removed, there was less than 1% soil taken out. The plants bioconvert cosmic energies and minerals from the air and soil to create that increase of mass.